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Advice on connecting youview to TP LINK

First Timer

Hi I'm looking for advice on how to get my youview box connected to my TP LINK WIRELESS N NANO ROUTER TL-WR802N


I've set up the TP LINK correctly in client mode and using the ethernet cable have attached this to the youview box. The youview box now says it is connected to the Internet (on settings I've left it as automatic).


However I now get an error code ymv104 where I can't access anything via the youview button or see catchup available.


Any ideas? I've googled this to death but not seen a solution. 


Many thanks 


Community Star

Hi @Helen10


The YVM104 error code is associated with the OnDemand services.  It says that OnDemand isn't available but really it simply indicates that there's no IPTV connection between router and YouView TV Box.


Try rebooting the Broadband router just to ensure that it's not in a non-connected state and that it's given the travel router an IP address like


I know you wish to use the travel router in Client mode to connect the TV Box to the Broadband router and this does work.  But first are you able to prove that the TV Box works ok with the router by connecting an Ethernet cable directly between the TV Box and the Router?  What model router is it? The TalkTalk supplied super routers are all IPTV enabled so will work fine.


When you look at the TV Box Settings > Broadband Connection - What IP address, Subnet, Router and DNS are shown?


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First Timer

Hi Gondola


Many thanks for your reply.


I tried rebooting the broadband but it makes no difference and the travel router has the IP address


My phone line is at the opposite end of the room to where my TV + arial is so I am not able to check the TV box by connecting it directly to the router by ethernet - I have had to use powerline adaptors for the past few years but they finally gave up due to interference I think on the electrical circuit that they work off of.


The TV box settings I have tried leaving on dynamic but I get no connection. I have also tried the static option using the following details. When I use this option it does say connected to broadband but I then get the YMV104 error and cannot see anything available on catchup on the guide menu:




DNS Prim: (also tried

DNS Sec: (also tried with the above)


Router model is DSL 3680


Thank you


Wizz Kid
I've always used tp link routers, and never had an issue with them and youview, once you know how to set up the IGMP Multicasting.

Do your subscription channels work?

The usual problem is catch up/on demand works but internet channels don't.

There are a couple of threads on here about setting them up, which you can get to from here

OCEs might be good if we could have a specific board of how to set up third party routers.

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