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Box won't stop recording!

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The box was set to record Murdoch mysteries last night (1 hour on Drama) looking at the recording today it continued for 11 hours. BBC4 recording went on for 10 hours. Box still gave the impression of recording this morning ie three lights cycling on box front but we can not detect what it was recording. Box is Huawei DN372T.01.01.P and apparently software is up to date    Any thoughts?

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Hi levans5348


It's a glitch in the software / hardware operation.  I had this once and a front panel reset fixed it for good and I deleted the over-long recording.


Press and hold the front panel power / standby button for around 8 seconds until the front panel lights change then release the button and wait a few minutes until the box restarts.


In the rare event that a similar unexpected glitch needs a self-repair of the box then follow these instructions (YouView Maintenance Mode reset - click here) select your box and choose Option 2 the recommended keep recordings option.


When you've recovered your box and assuming you haven't had to choose the full factory reset then just go into MyTV and identify those lengthy recordings, highlight them in the video thumbnail images and press Delete on the remote and follow the on-screen confirmation instructions.


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