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Cut off twice today by talktalk (£4 tv eventually waived)

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I finally got through after deliberately being cut off I am certain of this,anyway I advised I was not happy receiving the email saying I was going to be charged £4 for a tv box that had been given to me to keep a couple of years ago.


The Agent who dealt with me was very firm in his replies to me when I was seeking reassurance my recording facility would not be removed as a result of the £4 being waived.


The Agent seemed to make out that I should be grateful that this charge is not going to be put on my account referring to my terms and conditions,well this aggressive charge that I see has upset many and I do not go with this I should be thankful.

   When my contract runs out I think I will not renew like I have many times previous and maybe buy a pvr recorder instead. I do not view amazon or netflix and basically just record soaps or match of the day.

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Looks like we are all in the same boat, I just think it’s idiotic that Talk-Talk think that it’s ok to charge £4 a month for Freeview which I can watch through my TV aerial anyway.


I have a smart TV and can add a HDD via USB to record as well, so I really don’t need to use the Talk-Talk TV box at all - they are more than welcome to have it back if they want it.


My live chat got extremely confusing and I’m not confident that the charge has been removed/waived. This will annoy the majority of customers who will cancel, when cancelled Talk-Talk will remove their rental service and prevent customers from the ad-hoc movie purchase they may make through their TV box which would have generated Talk-Talk revenue. They are biting off their nose to spite their face, roll on November when I can wave goodbye to these cowboys.


The name is in the title Talk-Talk 'Freeview' you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

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Im on the service for fibre broadband and unlimited calls,I took the box as it made my package cheaper,i initially had the basic tv box and then a couple of years ago i renewed my package and got a recordable box free as part of the deal and £2 cheaper a month with a recordable service thrown in as had been with talktalk a while and i was thinking of leaving, so they kept me as a customer as a result.

I like the ability to record but I have smart tv set with freeview built in[youview basically] and rather than pay £4 a month for record features i would look into other ways to record match of the day lol.

I dont see why I should have to pay £4 a month for a box i was provided with as a free incentive to renew my contract.

My feeling is TalkTalk know they have tried their luck and are refunding those who get through knowing their profits will rise from those who bite the bullet and cant be arsed to be waiting on the phone trying to get through.


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Thanks for your feedback and sorry for any confusion or upset caused as a result of the changes, if you have any questions or i can be of any assistance do let us know.



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Im happy the £4 charge has been waived,however when my contract runs out,no doubt the charge will be put on a new negotiated contract and I think if that happens i will probably go elsewhere.  I pay £30 a month at the moment and if that rises substantially I think i will buy a recordable pvr box and use another fibre broadband provider.  


I have been persuaded previously to stay in contract with TalkTalk by your loyalty team but if Im finding hikes all the time in price I have no choice but to go elsewhere.