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Potential new customer - TV information


Hi All,


Latest Sky price increases are the straw to break the camels back, so looking at alternative ways to watch our TV. A few questions for the community about the TV service.


1. Flexible Boosts, specifically "Entertainment". I cannot for the life of me see the monthly cost for this - can anyone point me in the direction of the price?

2. The Flexible Boosts - do I get the channels in HD? So the Sky 1, Witness, Fox etc?

3. There doesn't appear to be any additional monthly for "multiroom" - just buy a second box. However it requires an engineer visit to set this up. Any idea what trickery is going on to warrant an engineer visit that I cannot do myself?

4. Looking at the Plus box, I see I can add my own Netflix and Prime subscriptions. Is this box UHD? Could I stream 4k content from Netflix/Prime via this box?

I am assuming this box doesn't have any HDR capabilities?


How are customers finding the Plus box? Generally OK? Does the job? I'm looking at both TT and BT as potentials, so I'm asking for similar reviews over there.


Cheers all.

Problem Solver
1. £6 a month. Be aware that in order to access boosts there's an additional £4 a month charge for "TalkTalkTV".

2. Flexible boosts are in SD only. "over the top" services such as Netflix / Now TV / Prime are available up to HD.

3. Headline price is £25 for the view-only (no recordings box) plus £25 for the engineer install. This gets you a second box and the ability to watch the flexible boosts on both concurrently. Nothing fancy like watching content recorded on one box on another. No particular trickery but TalkTalk will only enable the multi-room in conjunction with an engineer install.

4. No, just up to HD.

People use the Plus box and survive with it. I'd describe it as "sluggish" but such things are subjective. The BT badged YouView boxes made by Humax are significantly more responsive.