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Recordings have blank screen.

First Timer


I have tried to watch some of my recordings but all of them have a blank screen, while showing the full length of the program and it seems to be playing. None of these were failed recordings. Some of these used to work, but nothing seems to work now. I have tried turing the box on and off, doing a USB / Internet reboot and I even deleted a few recordings just incase the box may have been too full. Nothing seems to work. Is there a way to get these back as some of the recorded programs and films as my daughter watches all them time.


Thanks in advance.



Community Team

Hi Jenny


Did you try the Youview Maintenance Reset (Option 4: Keep Recordings).


If you have tried this and the recordings will still not play back they could be corrupt or it could be an issue with the hard drive.  


If the maintenance reset does not resolve, then as a last resort is the factory reset from the youview settings menu, but this would erase all content and restore the hard drive for future recordings.