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TalkTalk Multiroom

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Hello. I would be interested in Multiroom. Just a few questions. Can I use my existing YouView boxes or does it have to be a new box? I already have two YouView boxes and don't need another one.


Can I take out the Multiroom package without having to take another YouView box? 


Thank yooooouuuuuuu.

Community Team



The current process for Multiroom as follows.


This can only be supplied via engineer install.

You do have to take a 2nd box from us (no own boxes).

You must have fibre with speeds over 20mb.


As Multiroom is a relatively new product and only officially launched a few months back, this is the current process.  I have fed back to the relevant teams that a number of customers have enquired about using their own boxes and a possible option for self install and this will be looked at for the future, but currently this is still in the discussion phase.





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Hi Waving Thanks for your reply.


TalkTalk insisting that customers have a new box with Multi Room seems strange. Obviously some customers already have Youview boxes and don't need another one.


Also it would save Talk Talk money if they let customers use their existing boxes.


I'll keep an eye on the situation and see what happens.


Thanks Hamster

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Hi @WaRRioR1976


They also install new PLA's though, a NON recording YV box and charge you only £50 for the privilege of you taking a day off work for the engineer visit !!!! LOL Face with tears of joy

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Hmmmm, I should think most people would be able to connect a Youview box. It's not like rewiring a house! As for a non recording box and a £50 installation charge scream with fear face Thumbs  down I think I'll pass on this.