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TalkTalk TV - Share Your Ideas!

Community Team

Hi Everyone,


I'm interested in hearing your ideas to make our TV service even better.


I'm not looking for issues or things you think are faults, I'm looking for genuine ideas that would improve the service, a sort of wish list if you will.


This can be additions to the Set top Box, Boosts, TV2GO App etc etc.


I'll start the ball rolling.  I'd like to see a You Tube app in the players section. I've been watching a lot of 'Bad Driving' videos on youtube lately and would love to be able to watch these on the TV via the box.


I'd really like to hear your Ideas,so please, if you have a suggestion for something that can make the service even better, please let me know :)





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I'd like TV2go to include the boost channels that you already subscribe to (and pay for).

Community Team

Thanks Chris.


I'd also like an Amazon Prime player in the players section and TV box to have built in wireless to avoid the need for Powerline Adapters.



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Wizz Kid

I'd wouldl like to suggest three things:

i) Discovery Channels - this has been discussed at lenght elsewhere and is unlikely to happen in the near future

ii) HD Channels - for those whom have a high enough line speed, this would exclude some subscribers however

iii) Inclusion of the 'Plus 1' Channels - It's not always possible to watch clashing programme schedules, this is something everyone could benefit from


Wizz Kid


Yes Youtube is a no brainer. Freesat has it, so I am struggling to know why it isn't available on Youview as of now. TV player (channel 241 Freeview) should be run as a player rather than a 'channel'. This is because those of us that can only access Freeview 'Lite' cannot receive channel 241.

Eurosport would also be a great candidate for TalkTalk, as a player rather than the channels. Those of us with Eurosport subscriptions could access both Eurosport channels without having to use chromecast for instance.

Community Star

Contributors to this topic may find that their suggestions are covered, along with many others, in the Consolidated list of improvements and feature requests thread diligently maintained by a dedicated user over on the YouView community forums.

Wise Owl

By being at the front when it comes to STB technology and cutting down on costs of replacement STBs and number of disgruntled customers by having a cloud-based recording facility - so that when the STB needs replacing, customers do not lose recordings they have made. 

Or, having a removable storage drive, that can be upgraded/edited by the customer.

Broadband Engineer
Conversation Starter

TV Player app that works on some freeview HD kit. ( currently you need some sort of device to connect to it. 

First Timer



I'd like to be able to access Bloomberg business news, which is apparently available on Freesat but not Freeview. Both BBC 24 and Sky News are now largely unwatchable, and so would greatly appreciate access to any other news channels that offer serious news and analysis.





Community Star

The ability to watch one boost channel and record another.

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Wizz Kid
  • I beilieve it's been mentioned before in another thread or two, but - for the remote, a toggle button to the last channel watched.
  • Do away with the three flashing lights when recording just have a static violet for on (dimmed when standby as now) with a static red for recording.


Wizz Kid

When you have recorded a number of episodes of the same show, the ability to press play on a folder and the STB plays all recordings in the folder from oldest to newest, instead of having to stop playback of episode and select the next.


More apps like Youtube and Amazon Prime.


A recycle bin feature, in case you accidently delete a recording.


Multiroom - other providers offer it - if a customer has 2 STB's it would be great to watch the same content on both - also stream recordings between them.




Wizz Kid






1. HD Sky Sport channels

2. Multiroom




Community Team



Some great Ideas, I've summarised them below and added a couple of others picked up from around the community :)


• YouTube App
• Amazon Video App
• HD Boost Channels – especially Sports
• TV2GO to include subscribed Boost Channels
• Plus 1 channels where available
• Eurosport Player
• Option to View list of Hidden channels
• A Select ‘All’ option for categories when hiding channels
• Ability to Rearrange the Players
• Freeview channel app or Freeview channels via internet (for poor signal areas)
• Multi-Room Option
• Option to record one Boost channel while watching another
• Remote – button to toggle to last viewed channel
• Option to transfer Recordings
• When a series has been recorded, the option to ‘autoplay’ the next episode in the sequence rather than having to exit each episode to menu to select the next episode
• Manual Tune Option for Freeview Channels
• Manual timer record option


Keep the ideas coming!  I will pass these suggestions to the relevant teams for consideration.





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Wise Owl

I'd say create an app that can stream all channels (terrestrial and boost)  with support for a cloud based recording system (for those that still record things). Replace the big slow clunky box with a cheap streaming stick with the app installed so you can have one on every tv in the house (something along the lines of the fire tv stick or Roku). The stick would also need to support all the catch up services, Netflix and Amazon video. Make this app avaialble for iOS, Android and consoles too.  . 


Admittedly that might be a bit ambititious for TaltTalk, but at least get into the 21st century and offer HD on the boost channels.

Team Player

I would like the YouView apps capability extended to be able to manage content on the box and control the YouView box from the app directly so play recordings, change channel, start playing content from the built in YouView apps. 

Wizz Kid

tv2go app for windows based phone please


Popular Poster

I really wish there was a way to save recordings indefinitely, some way to back them up so that when the YouView box goes "up the creek" you don't have the additional heartache of losing all the recordings you wanted to keep.

Best regards,


Community Star

It would be great if you could press record on something you are watching and whole thing is recorded.  This shouldn't be a major problem as the show must already be being recorded on to the hard drive for the pause/rewind function to work.

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Wizz Kid

Great that you're asking customers. I'm sure some of us will have ideas to make the YouView/TalkTalk TV platform even better.


Please add:

  • YouTube
  • AmazonPrime
  • HD online channels
  • subscribed Boosts to TV2Go
  • multiroom
  • rearrange players
  • archieve recordings to another storage device
  • An option to buy a 2TB YouView box