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What films are in the Talk Talk Film Club?

First Timer

Hi everyone.


I have heard about the Talk Talk Film Club but I can't find anything on the website that tells me what kind of films have been available in it unless I sign up first, so I don't know if I should sign up or not.


Can anyone tell me please?


Thanks :)

Community Star

Hi @BobDobalina


There's 20 iconic films in TalkTalk Film Club at any moment in time, with 5 new movies each week.  It's part of the Entertainment Boost. 


If you select More TV on the YouView box main menu and then TV Boosts and look at the Entertainment Boost, go to On Demand press down arrow on the remote to select Popular then down arrow again to select the still images and then scroll right through the featured programmes.


Before I lost count I counted 17 films featured as being part of TalkTalk Film Club.  So, maybe not every film is listed in the feature panel but I guess enough to let you know if subscribing is for you.

 Gondola - I'm a TVPlus customer *
First Timer
Thanks Gondola but I'm not yet a TalkTalk customer so I don't have a box yet (I'm trying to decide if I want it or not). What films can you see today?
Community Star
  1. Faster
  2. Phantoms
  3. Bram Stoker's Dracula
  4. Perfect Strangers
  5. Straw Dogs
  6. XXX
  7. The Musketeer
  8. Eat, Pray, Love
  9. All the King's Men
  10. Layer Cake
  11. Not Another Teen Movie
  12. Run Lola Run
  13. Girl Interrupted
  14. The Craft
  15. Ride
  16. The Aviator
  17. Anonymous
  18. Boys and Girls
  19. Jane Austen Book Club
  20. Restoration
 Gondola - I'm a TVPlus customer *
First Timer
Perfect, thanks very much!