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YouView Plus Recording Failures

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For the past couple of weeks I've been getting various recording problems including, "Failed to record", "Partially recorded", very short recordings (a few seconds), just black screen recordings, and previously good recordings turning into just black screen.


All very similar to the problems reported here, a thread that I've added my own recent experiences to.  I am now, as per the suggestion of @fre55die, opening my own thread on it.


I tried first a maintenance reset keeping recordings, but that didn't result in the previously good recordings becoming good again. and the recording problems continued, so I then did a maintenance reset deleting recordings, but the recording problems have still continued since.


I have also, as I had a spare one, changed the router (just in case) but that hasn't helped.


There's no other problems and I have a good signal, never any pixellation or drop outs.