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YouView has become erratic - also deleted all my recordings!

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YouView has been unresponsive and erratic for about a week.

The remote batteries are fully charged but often the YV box does not respond to its signals. Repeated pressings are necessary to get a response.

Fast forward (or rewind) fails to respond initially but suddenly starts - only to freeze for a while before resuming FF. This it repeats.

Watching live TV, pressed Mute and the picture froze! Pressed Mute, the sound came back but the picture remained frozen and would not resume even though the dialogue was playing.

Worst of all tonight:   while watching a recording via MyTV, I pressed FF. No response. Pressed FF repeatedly, it suddenly started FF, stopped, restarted FF, then went off the recording and back to live TV. When I went back to 'MyTV', all recordings had been DELETED except the one I had been watching!! The air was blue, all my precious recordings gone for ever! I definitely had not pressed Delete, only FF.

Any advice, please?

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This is weird!

As reported above, last night all my recordings had disappeared and MyTV said that 'Recordings' was Empty.

Switched on telly today and lo and behold, all the recordings (approx 20) are back! 

In addition, all the other faults I reported seem to have cured themselves.

Blowed if I know what had gone wrong. Any ideas?

Community Team



That is the strangest of issues, never seen anything like this before.  I've no explanation for why this would have happened.



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