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Has Any Body Had A Fix

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Has any body had a FIX with there TV Boost Channels not working from Guide..

TV Boost catch up works fine on all channels, TV Box showing connected to Hub in settings , But on the Boost channel   ie 301 its just a line with time started and finished with channel number ,then after a few seconds message pop up, problem with channel 301 SKY 1. broadband check cable to hub and tv box. If  you unplug RJ45 then message pop up not connected to internet, plug RJ45 back in pop up, connected to internet , go back to 301 sky 1 ,and then  pop up, sky 1 as problem with internet connection check cable to hub and TV Box.

Please let me know ,and give me a like to see if we can come up with a faster get a fix. I have joined a week today and still not seen any Live boost channels.I received another hub today but still the same problem.

I know with the current situation it takes time go get help, and I have had help so far, but if I pull any more of my hair out , I will have to join a monestry.


So please give me your solutions if you have had a fix. Then if possible post on here to help others.

Thank you