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Modem suggestions? What makes a good FTTC modem? Specific chipset, specific features, etc?

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As per the subject: what makes a good modem (modem only, not modem/router) for a Talktalk fibre-to-the-cabinet connection? Is it a specific chipset? Specific features I'd need to look out for? Specific options in a customisable firmware? 



I have fibre-to-the-cabinet. As per my other thread, my Asus DSL-AC68U modem/router no longer works as a modem, and the Dslink DSL-3782 provided by TalkTalk isn't great (many dropped connections) plus it isn't superstraightfoward to set up as a modem only.


So I am considering investing in a modem (not modem router, just modem).


I have had a look at previous threads, and the most favoured options seem to be:

  • Draytek Vigor 130
  • just buy an old used openreach modem on ebay
  • Netgear DM 200


The Vigor 130 seems to have the best reviews but, as is often the case, there are good and bad experiences reported with all products - hence my question about trying to understand what makes a good modem and what I'd need to look out for.


I'd rather not use the TalkTalk-supplied kit because I want to see if connections are more stable with a "better" modem; and I don't want to buy a new modem router because my Asus should still work as a good router (even though the modem part went kaputt for some reason).


Any thoughts? Thanks!


PS I understand the version of the Vigor 130 supplied in the UK differs from that of other countries, and has some fetaures disabled; an Amazon reviewer confirmed that IPTV (TV via the TalkTalk subscription, which is different from watching Netflix or the BBC Iplayer via the internet) doesn't work, but I'm not interested in that.


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I bought the vigor130 modem 3 days ago from Amazon for £83. Want it to work with talktalks sagemcom fast 5364 but I'm getting packet loss. Any ideas on the correct setup for a 80 down 20 up vdsl connection? Thanks.

Gareth wigglesworth