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Moneygram Dilemma

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A moneygram account was opened and two cash pickup transfers to a foreign country made funded from a debit card. Moneygram and the debit card bank  say that the activity was done from the card holder's IP address and iphone and that there is no method by which the actions could have ocurred without access to the phone and card, or its details.


The cardholder is adamant that they have no knowledge of the matter (prior to receiving their bank statement) and that they are certain nobody else has been able to get physical access at the relevant times.

WiFi access is mostly from large  communal student accommodation or uni. premises.


Before concluding that they are wrong, or worse,  lieing, and proceeding only on that basis, is there any possible technical explanation involving malicious access that should be considered as I have insufficient  knowledge  other than to assume that the bank's opinion is correct.


(The precautions of closing the moneygram account and replacing the debit card have been impemented, but if the cardholder is correct, then they will be vulnerable to a repeat.)


Only technical related responses are requested and not speculative scenarios, please. I wish to be confident that vague hacking suggestions can be discounted, enabling us to concentrate on looking at behavioural aspects.

Likewise advice on reporting fraud, claiming reimbursement from a bank, etc  is not needed, thanks..







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I'll move this to the lounge area for you, @TonyW2.


But to really get to the bottom of the issue, probably best to liaise with the university/accommodation people. 


After all, if there is a problem with wi-fi security among the students, this might not be the only case. They'll need to be told about this incident. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Many thanks.

Indeed I was not seeking input directly from staff on behalf of talktalk, but trying to use the forum to access the thoughts of those with better knowledge than I have.

If I have posted in an overspecific sector of the forums, could a moderator move it to the general discussion sector please.


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@TonyW2, if the cardholder is not a Talktalk customer, staff will not be able to help. 


If communal wi-fi is being used, who is the provider?


If it's the case that the victim is not a Talktalk customer, you might be better taking this up with the ISP providing the service at the student accommodation, or with university administrators.


You can also post for a more general discussion in the lounge area of the forum.


Unless Talktalk is the provider, this is probably not an issue for Talktalk support staff.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.