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What is the best wifi extender for talk talk wireless?

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I live in an apartment and my router is in the living room on the first floor. My bedroom is on the third floor so the wifi does not reach it. I was wondering which wifi extender works best for my Samsung Note 3 and my Iphone 7?


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Being a user of TP-LINK products among many others, TP-LINK often being the cost-effective solution to home networking problems.


I have installed the RE200 in many of my own places and family and friends homes to meet their requirements for a range extender that's cost-effective and provides simplicity to the end user.


It's not the best by any means but too many people have a tendency to overkill with some networking devices because of their "cool" appearance over the cheaper counterparts. As everyone mentioned above this is why its important to consider your own requirements as well as the infrastructure around you, certain types of insulation can hinder your routers signal regardless of its power. 


For some people 8 antennas on a router might look cool, but for their two bedroom flat with only 2-3 three devices being used simultaneously. Its completely unnecessary and the extra cash is better spent on some more new gadgets in my opinion.  


The Extender I mentioned comes in at a fairly low price and is more than okay for any average size home or apartment, it is better with a compatible router but you can configure devices to  be a mesh network if you configure things right without the branded router.

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Hi KeithFrench, I feel that there are some Wi-Fi extenders that work perfectly for Talk Talk. This is because these extenders are easy to connect and give you some excellent performance. However, to get a good Wi-Fi extender, you will need to evaluate the following:

  • Range: We all want a Wi-Fi booster because the current router is not covering our homes fully with Wi-Fi. Thus you will need to evaluate the range that is not covered currently and get an extender with a larger coverage as compared to the need. However, you need to check for obstacles between your extender and your devices including concrete walls and metallic objects.
  • The number of devices: Since our homes have become smarter these days, getting an extender that will support all the connected devices will go a long way in addressing your needs. There are several extenders that can support multiple devices on Wi-Fi in addition to Ethernet connections.
  • Wi-Fi speeds: It would be traumatizing if when you move with your devices they get a massive change in the internet speeds. This is seen when you get an extender with a massively lower throughput as compared to your router. Therefore, it is important to get an extender that will support your required Wi-Fi speeds.
  • The number of bands: Most of the routers in the market today are either dual-band or tri-band. You need to get a Wi-Fi extender that is at least a dual-band if you want the best performance in your home. However, if you are not after the dual-band throughput, you can get a single band Wi-Fi extender.

All these features are available in several extenders. As I was exploring getting the best extender for my home, I got to meet an article that made it easy for me to choose. The article expounds more on the features addressed above. The article is:


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Always avoid wireless repeaters, extenders that connect back to the router via the mains wiring to a LAN port on the router are generally the best. Dual band units will be more expensive than single band ones.


The problem with all single band units (or the 2.4GHz band on a dual band unit) is that there are only three wireless channels you can use - 1, 6 or 11. Your router will be using one and the extender needs another. This is before you start considering how congested with other networks the 2.4GHz band is, if it is bad no extra wireless AP will help at all, in fact, it could make things worse.


Before spending any money, you really need to use a Wi-Fi analyser in your property first just to see how congested this band is.

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