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Finding your way around our community may seem daunting however you'll quickly realise its as easy as 1,2,3. To help you find your way around we've pulled a quick list together of the different users within the community to help identify them when you're searching and posting your questions.  


Your Community Manager
That's me "Stephen" I'm here to ensure the community keeps ticking over each day whilst delivering improvements and great content to make it easier to use, more informative and generally a great place to be. 


Your Community Stars

Our Stars are customers just like you who give up their own time to offer help and support to members, you'll be able to identify these guys n gals by their "Community Star" title under their username on each of their posts. Every year we review all of our members contributions in the community with a view to inviting new members to join this group.


TalkTalk Employees 
Our employees are here to help you find the best information and answers we have available. Within the community these guys are known as OCE's or Online Community Executives and like with the stars you'll notice the OCE title under their usernames which are also prefixed with "OCE_" 


Trials Managers
From time to time TalkTalk run trials to test different routers, products etc so you may see our trials managers taking part in different discussions and collecting feedback, be sure to say hey if you see them around.



Stephen, Community Manager