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About your TalkTalk mobile bill

You can manage your account any time you like by visiting our website. View your bills, check your payments, keep tabs on your usage and much more – 24 hours a day.


tips about your Mobile bill

If you’re looking at your bill and you see a charge you don’t understand, check this list. You may find the answer you’re looking for:

  • Data usage: On your bill, we break your data usage down into chunks of 2.86mb
  • Non-inclusive calls or texts: Your phone plan includes a certain number of free texts and call time. Those texts and calls must be made to UK standard-rate fixed line numbers (beginning 01, 02 and 03), or to UK mobile numbers. Calls or texts to other numbers (like premium rate lines, directory enquiries, 08 numbers or international numbers), will be charged separately. These charges will be detailed on your bill
  • Out of allowance calls, texts and data: If you use up your allowance of free texts, free call time or free internet data, we’ll start to charge you. Any additional texts, calls or browsing you do will be charged at the standard rate. If you’d like to know more about how mobile data works and how to make sure you’re not using too much, visit All about mobile data

You can also visit the Mobile Pricing section for more details of TalkTalk Mobile charges.


Inclusive Calls

Your plan includes free call time every month. We measure this allowance in minutes, so the more time you spend on a call, the more of your free minutes you use up. This allowance includes calls to standard rate UK landline and mobile numbers only. They will appear on your bill as National Calls and will be charged at £0.00.


On Net/TalkTalk Mobile Minutes

Your plan will also include free calls to other TalkTalk mobiles. You can find out how many free minutes you get and check how many you’ve got left in My Account, under TalkTalk Mobile Minutes. You’ll find these minutes on your bill under On Net Calls.


Family Circle Calls

You also get free calls between any TalkTalk mobile/SIM and the TalkTalk landline they're linked to. You can see these calls on your bill under Family Circle Calls.


Direct Debit is the only way to pay your TalkTalk bill. If your Direct Debit is cancelled for any reason, you can usually make a one-off payment to settle your outstanding balance. Please see our guide on Paying your mobile bill for further information.

Direct Debit updates need to be made at least 14 days before your billing date, otherwise we won’t be able to take your next payment from your account. You can find your billing date and your next payment date on the first page of your monthly mobile bill. You can also find your billing date on the My Account section of the website.