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About your auto compensation credit

At TalkTalk, we’re committed to providing great value and the best service possible for our customers. As part of this commitment, we've joined the industry's automatic compensation scheme. This means we'll automatically compensate you with a credit on your account in certain circumstances when we provide your service.

You'll receive compensation if you experience a total loss of service, delays to the start of your service for phone and broadband orders, or if an engineer misses an appointment. This will be credited to your account automatically 30 days after your issue has been resolved, and we'll send an email or text message to let you know, so you don't need to contact us to receive this. You should continue to pay your bills as normal whilst experiencing any issues.


Compensation credits

Select one of the following for more information about how compensation is calculated:



If you’re eligible for automatic compensation, we’ll let you know via email or an SMS. Compensation will be credited to your account within 30 days of a fault being resolved, a missed appointment, or your service going live if delayed by TalkTalk.

You’ll be able to identify any automatic compensation on your online or paper bill — just look for one of the below within the Adjustments made section. Remember, there’s no need to contact us as your credit will be added automatically within 30 days.

  • Delay Compensation
  • Missed Appointment Compensation

You may be eligible if you experience delays with us providing your service and missed installation appointments regardless of the network you’re on with TalkTalk.

Only TalkTalk customers who have their service provided on the Openreach network are eligible for auto compensation for Total loss of service fault delays and repair missed appointments. If your service is provided through one of our alternative networks, such as CityFibre, Freedom Fibre  or Community Fibre, we will provide appropriate compensation to such customers on request.

All customers connecting on a Full Fibre trial are not eligible for auto compensation. 


The compensation we offer in each scenario is in-line with all other major service providers who have joined the industry's automatic compensation scheme. We will not add any further compensation for delays to your service going live, missed appointments or delays in resolving a fault with your service. 


You’re still required to pay your monthly bill during an outage or loss of service. If eligible you’ll receive automatic compensation. However, no additional discount or refund will be provided on your monthly service costs.