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Beware of Call Connection services

There are Companies that provide a selection of High-Cost numbers to “Connect” to well-known organisations' for example the RAC, DVLA or HMRC.  The numbers provided typically start with 084/087 and 09 Numbers.  These numbers can have very high charges. These “Call Connection” or “Signposting” services charge High Rates for calls that would otherwise be Inclusive or Free had the numbers been obtained from the organisations' official website. 

Although some may consider this a scam, Call Connection services are not illegal and are closely regulated by the Phone-Paid Services Authority (PSA)  and must operate in line with specific conditions set out by the PSA.

The question you need to ask is would you pay a Premium Rate Charge if you knew the call could be made at a fraction of the cost, or for free? 


Advice and Tips

  • Always use numbers on organisation's official websites and avoid using premium rate numbers where possible. 
  • If you are a customer of the organisation you wish to call, check your bill for the contact numbers.
  • Be aware that searching for a number on your mobile phone may provide different results than a PC search. 
  • To check if the number is a Connect service before calling, use the PSA website – – as legitimate services need to be registered.
  • Listen for any messages at the start of the call – providers must state this is a call connection service and who you are being directed to.
  • If you do call one of these numbers, be aware that you don’t get preferential treatment. You will still be queuing and can incur inflated costs if you are in a queue.