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Care Alarms and Personal Emergency Response Systems

Care Alarms and Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) are valuable safety aids used by the elderly and vulnerable. They're connected to a 24-hour call centre via your phone line, so you can raise an alarm at the push of a button. 

Compatibility with TalkTalk

As far as we are aware, all PERS devices are compatible with our network. It is possible, however, that some may not be compliant with the UK phone network.

Compatibility with TalkTalk Full Fibre

If you have a care alarm or PERS device, we don’t think the time is right to move you onto our Full Fibre service. As the technology used in our Fibre service is different from the previous copper lines we have used in the past, there is no guarantee that your current care devices would be compatible. While we have tested some devices with our Digital Voice services, there are many more out there that have not yet been tested on our network. We are working on new solutions to safely offer Full Fibre services to our customers who use care alarms and PERS devices. 


Still having problems getting your device to work?

Most problems with Care Alarms or PERS are due to them being set up incorrectly. Make sure your Care Alarm is plugged into your socket via a microfilter. You should also plug a microfilter into every socket you're using in your home. If you have any questions about your Care Alarm, you should contact the manufacturer.