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Change your payment date

We'll send your bill around the same date each month and it will show your payment due date. It's important you pay your balance by the payment due date or it will be considered overdue.

After you've paid your first bill, you can change your payment due date in My Account to one that works better for you. It's a good idea to choose a date when you know you'll have the funds available.

Important: Your payment will be taken on or immediately after your payment due date. Please take this into consideration when choosing a new date. Your billing period will also change when you choose a new payment due date, which may make your next bill a bit more or less than usual.


Finding your payment date

Your payment due date is on your monthly bill. You can also find it in My Account under Bills and payments. If you have a Direct Debit or recurring card payment set up, your balance will be paid automatically on your due date.

Changing your payment date

Your payment due date can be changed:

  • Once your TalkTalk service is live; If you’re waiting to go live, you can track your order online
  • If you haven't already changed your due date within the last 3 months

It's really easy to change your payment due date. If you’d prefer your payment to come out on a different date each month, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Select Bills and Payments in the navigation menu
  3. Select Change payment due date
  4. Select one of the available dates 
  5. Select Save Changes 
  6. A confirmation message will be displayed with your new payment due date. 

When you change your payment due date, your billing period will change too, so your next bill may be a slightly larger or smaller than usual. If you have a current unpaid bill, the payment will still be taken as per the payment due date on that bill. Your new payment due date will take effect from your next bill.