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How much broadband speed do you need?

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When choosing your broadband package it's important to think about what speed is best for you. That’s because your total broadband speed will be shared amongst all your connected devices. So, if you’ve got lots of devices doing different things online, all at the same time, you’ll need speeds that can keep up.

To help you, this guide explains the speeds you need for common online activities. We've also summarised the speeds you can expect from our packages, along with how long it would take to download your favourite music, movies, games and TV shows.

Please note: the term "speed" refers to throughput speed. You can check yours using our broadband speed test.


How is speed measured?

Broadband speed is digitally measured using Megabits or Megabits per second (Mbps). The more Megabits your broadband can transfer per second, the faster your connection is and the more you can do online. 


How much speed do I need?

Here are the throughput speeds you need for common online activities, as recommended by Ofcom.


Activity Throughput speed required
Web browsing & Email 1Mbps
Video streaming (SD) 3Mbps
Video streaming (HD) 5Mbps
Video streaming (Ultra HD) 30Mbps
Online phone service (e.g. WhatsApp)* 0.256Mbps
Video calling (e.g. FaceTime)* 1Mbps
Gaming* 0.256Mbps
Music streaming 2Mbps


If you want to stream HD video on two devices and browse the web on a third device, your broadband speed needs to be at least 11Mbps. If you've often got multiple devices connected at the same time, you'll likely get the best experience with Fibre broadband.

*These services are more likely to be affected by broadband latency.


What speeds & download times do you offer?

Here are the average speeds and download times you can expect on our packages.


Package Peak throughput speed Average download speed
Album TV show (SD) Movie (SD) TV show (HD) Movie (HD) Game
Fast Broadband 11Mbps 38s 8min 34s 17min 9s 25min 44s 51min 28s 10hr 50min 45s
Faster Fibre 36Mbps 11s 2min 37s 5min 14s 7min 51s 15min 43s 3hr 18min 50s
Faster Fibre with Speed Boost 63Mbps 6s 1min 29s 2min 59s 4min 29s 8min 59s 1hr 53min 37s
Faster 150 Fibre 145Mbps 2s 39s 1min 18s 1min 57s 3min 54s 49min 22s
Faster 300 Fibre 290Mbps 1s 19s 39s 58s 1min 57s 24min 41s
Ultra Fibre Optic 900Mbps Less than 1s 6s 12s 18s 37s 7min 57s


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