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Lost or stolen mobile

As soon as you realise your phone is missing , contact us immediately on 0345 172 0044. We’ll block it to stop anyone from using it.

If you're abroad, please call us from an alternative landline on 0044 345 172 0044 or +44 345 172 0044 from a mobile.

Normally, customer services are open from 9am to 7pm, but we do have an out-of-hours team for all other times. If you’re calling outside the opening hours, please listen to the recorded message and select the option to report your phone lost or stolen please contact us. We’ll block it to stop anyone from using it .

If your phone is insured, you should contact the police and your insurance provider to report it lost or stolen. Please keep a note of the crime reference or lost property number, as you'll need it to make a claim.