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Mobile usage alerts

Your TalkTalk plan includes a certain amount of call time, texts and data. It’s important to keep an eye on how much you use, because if you go over your limit, you'll start incurring out-of-bundle charges.

To help you avoid these charges, we send you free text alerts. You’ll get one when you exceed: 

  • 80% of your monthly call, text or data allowance
  • 100% of your monthly call, text or data allowance

We don't send SMS alerts between 11pm and 7am, as we appreciate most people are sleeping.

We'll also send you an SMS and email reminder when you receive an out-of-bundle charge.

Although these texts are a handy reminder, they’re not 100% accurate. There will often be a delay before you receive the message, so you could exceed your allowance before you get the warning. You should also track your usage in My Account.

If you exceed your monthly allowance for out-of-bundle calls, texts and data, your services will be restricted until you pay any unbilled charges. You can make a payment in My Account or call our automated payment line on 0345 172 0040. Charges apply if you aren't calling from a TalkTalk landline.

All your allowances are reset at the start of each billing period. We’ll include this date in the SMS alert, and you can also find it on your TalkTalk Mobile bill. These alerts will be sent to the device that reaches the limit, not the account holder.


Every TalkTalk mobile account has a set limit on out of bundle charges. If you reach that limit, ALL mobiles on your account will be suspended. 


This SMS alert is sent to every active device on the account, while the email is sent to just the account holder.


Usage costs can be run up by any mobile service on your account, so it’s important to check your usage regularly. If your TalkTalk Mobile service is suspended, you need to make a payment to start using it again. You can do all this in My Account.

You'll need to pay 50% or more of the usage costs you’ve incurred. As soon as you do that, we'll bring your account back online. It usually takes up to four hours, so bear with us. Once your account is back, you should turn your phone off and on again to make sure all your services are working properly. If you're outside the UK, please contact us.


If you’d like to use your TalkTalk Mobile abroad, let us know before you leave the UK. See Using TalkTalk Mobile abroad for more information.

It’s easy to run up unexpected data charges when you use your phone overseas, so we’ve put a £39 data usage limit on your account when you’re abroad. We'll also send you SMS alerts to help you monitor and control your usage.

We’ll send you an SMS alert when you:

  1. Arrive at your destination. We’ll let you know about roaming costs for calls, texts, picture messaging and data, and we’ll give you our Customer Services number
  2. First use mobile data. We’ll include a reminder about the cost of roaming data and the £39 usage limit
  3. Have used 50% of your £39 usage limit
  4. Have used 80% of your £39 usage limit
  5. Have used 100% of your £39 usage limit. This message will include a warning that you can no longer use mobile data services outside of the UK

Save money with Wi-Fi

You can connect to the internet on your mobile via Wi-Fi – at home and overseas – without using any of your mobile data.

Try to find Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels, cafés, airports and other public buildings. You may well find that the Wi-Fi is free or at least cheaper than using your mobile data. It’s usually much faster too.

Want to know more about mobile data? You'll find some great information in All about Mobile Data.


If you receive an alert for your Data, Minutes, or Text Allowance then you should do the following:

  • Check your available allowance and any additional charges whilst you're in the UK in My Account. Please see our Tracking your mobile usage page for more information 
  • Check your data usage on your device. On some mobile phones you'll be able to keep an eye on your usage through the phone features or an App. You'll find some great information on mobile data and controlling usage in All about Mobile Data
  • Consider adding a Boost to give you extra allowance. Please see Mobile Boosts for more information

If you have multiple mobile phones on your account please make all users aware they should look out for the alerts. If you're the main account holder and responsible for paying the bills we have additional services where you can track your mobile usage for all phones on the account.

You might want to tell the kids to look out for an alert from ‘’TalkTalk’’. That means it's time to slow down until your Call, Text and Data allowance resets.