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Problems with your remote control

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‎21-06-2021 02:56 PM
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If you're unable to control your TV using your TalkTalk remote, there are a few initial checks you can try in order to fix the problem:

  1. Check your batteries to make sure they haven't run out. If your remote has the pink TalkTalk button or blue More TV button, see if the red LED lights up with each key press
  2. If your red LED is working, try to sync your remote
  3. If your remote or box won't control your TV after you've synced it, try  the steps below

Press and hold Digit 1 and Digit 6 on your TalkTalk remote at the same time for 3 seconds. During this time the red LED will remain off. After 3 seconds the red LED will turn on, then enter 981 on the remote. The red LED will blink to confirm it's reset and you should be able to use it.


If resetting your remote hasn't worked, try resetting your TV box. Press the ON/OFF button on the back of your TV box. Turn the box back on and press + and - buttons on the front of the box at the same time for 15 seconds. This will take your TV box into Maintenance mode. Scroll down to "Factory reset Keep recordings" and press OK. If your remote does not work, you can use the + and - buttons on the box.

The TV box will reboot and you will be taken through the setup wizard. 


The reset steps above should fix the problem, but if it's still happening on only one button after you've reset your remote there might be a problem. Please contact us to get a replacement remote control. 


If you've damaged or lost your remote and wish to purchase a replacement, these can be purchased from the TalkTalk accessories store.


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