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Returning your TalkTalk equipment

At TalkTalk, we're doing all we can to protect the environment. When you leave us, upgrade your service, or receive a replacement for faulty kit we ask that you return your equipment for recycling should we ask for it.

We currently recycle the following products:

  • TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub and Wi-Fi Hub 2
  • Amazon eero 6 and eero 6 Pro
  • TalkTalk TV Hub and 4K TV boxes
  • TalkTalk Wi-Fi Booster
  • TalkTalk GFast Modem

Returning your TalkTalk equipment is really easy and helps our cause to stop more plastic ending up in landfill. If we're able to reuse your devices, we will send you a pre-paid postage bag so you can send your kit back to us free of charge. When we receive your equipment, we'll reuse some of the parts and recycle the rest. You also have the option to send any equipment that isn't supplied by TalkTalk to us for free, which we'll recycle for you.

To stop more plastic ending up in landfill, we are reducing the amount of return bags we are shipping. If you don't receive a postage bag then you do not need to return your equipment to us, but we encourage you to recycle your kit using one of the methods described further down this page. TalkTalk will not pay for the cost of sending your equipment to us, unless the equipment is being returned in a pre-paid postage bag.


If you cancel your service and don't return your TalkTalk equipment within 42 days from receiving your returns bag, you may be charged £50.00 to cover the cost of the kit you've kept. You won't be charged for equipment that isn't supplied by TalkTalk.

For more information about how to return your equipment, take a look at our options below.

Arrange for your return to be collected from your home for free with Royal Mail's Parcel Collect service. Here's how to do it:

  1. Stick the pre-paid Parcel Collect label onto your postage bag
  2. Go to Royal Mail's collection booking page
  3. Enter the tracking number on your Parcel Collect label
  4. Enter your name and preferred collection address
  5. Enter your parcel's weight - you can find this on your Parcel Collect returns letter
  6. Your parcel will be picked up on your chosen date from your house or outside in a safe place if you opted for contact-free collection


Return through your local EVRi ParcelShop in over 4,500 locations. You'll find a pre-paid EVRi label in your postage bag. Stick the label onto your postage bag and take it along to your nearest EVRi ParcelShop.


Return through your local Post Office branch or Royal Mail Customer Service Point in over 12,000 locations. You'll find a pre-paid Royal Mail label in your postage bag, simply stick the label onto your bag and take it along to your nearest Post Office.


Unwanted electrical equipment is the UK's fastest growing type of waste, and many devices can be repaired or recycled. If you see a recycling symbol on your device, try to avoid throwing it away with your normal household waste. By not throwing it away, we can avoid condemning useful materials to landfill, and reuse as many devices and parts as possible. This is part of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive to reduce the amount of electrical waste incinerated or sent to landfill sites.

WEEE icon.png


If you haven't received a postage bag from us and you would like to recycle your equipment, visit the Recycle Now website. Just type in 'electrical items' and your post code into the search box to find out how to recycle at home or find your nearest recycling centre.

Alternatively, package up your device along with any unwanted accessories and send them to the address below.

WEEE Returns
TalkTalk c/o Anovo 
71 Bilton Way