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Save money with Calling Circle

We know that some numbers are more important to you than others, that's why we created Calling Circle. It's a free feature, designed to save you money.

You can choose a combination of up to 16 numbers including mobile, landline and even international numbers and save money every time you call them. It's our way of helping you cut your phone bill.

It's easy. Just select up to 16 numbers, including a combination of:

  • Up to 11 UK mobile or landline numbers, including 01, 02 & 03 numbers (10% discount)
  • Up to 6 international numbers (10% discount)
  • One 0845 number (FREE)

To help you save even more, choose one of your Calling Circle numbers to be your Prime Number and get an extra 10% off your calls to it.

You can easily spot the numbers on your bill that are in your Calling Circle because they’ll be in their own section. 


If you're on our Fast Broadband, Faster Fibre or Fastest Ultra Fibre Optic plan, this feature was automatically activated when you signed up. 

If you’re on any other plan, you can add your Calling Circle numbers in My Account. Here’s how: 

  1. Sign in to My Account
  2. Click Add next to the type of number you’d like to enter
  3. Enter the number you’d like to add in the text box(es) and click Yes
  4. Click OK to confirm 


Setting a number as your Prime Number gives you an extra 10% discount on top of your standard discount. To change your Prime Number:

  1. Go to Manage Calling Circle as above
  2. Under My Calling Circle click the button next to the number you’d like to make your prime number
  3. Click Yes to confirm
  4. Your new Prime Number will now appear at the top of the Calling Circle list


Deleting numbers from your Calling Circle means you’ll no longer receive a discount when you call that number. To do this:

  1. Go to Manage Calling Circle as above
  2. Under My Calling Circle click Delete
  3. Click Yes to confirm
  4. Now click OK

The phone number will now be removed from your Call Circle list and you’ll be able to replace it with another one. Bear in mind that once you’ve deleted a number from your Calling Circle, you’ll no longer receive a discount when you call that number.