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TalkTalk Digital Voice App

With the Digital Voice App Full Fibre broadband customers can use their mobile phone to make and receive calls with their TalkTalk landline number. Just like your home phone , the  app uses standard TalkTalk call rates and any Calling Boosts you have added to your account. Unlike the landline though, it can also be used from anywhere, whether in your home, outside or abroad. It does use mobile data, so charges from your mobile provider will apply if not on Wi-Fi.

To use the app, you'll have to activate it in My Account then you can install on up to five mobile phones by downloading TalkTalk Digital Voice from Apple or Google Play app stores.


Rely on your telelphone?  - This service is not suitable  if you have a hard wired care alarm or rely on medical devices to be connected to your landline telephone.


Voice App

The key benefits of the App are;

  • Never miss a home phone call 
  • You can use your call boosts 
  • Register upto 5 devices
  • Use it outside of the UK 


You will need to have the Digital Voice service on your TalkTalk package to be able to use the App. Once you have the service added you'll be sent an email inviting you to register for the app.



Access your MyAccount options and select the TalkTalk Digital Voice App option under My Package & Add Ons. Select Send Activation Email.

This will trigger an email to your configured email address with the links to the apps in the Android and iOS stores.


  1. Download the App to your device,
  2. Check through the Terms & Conditions and  select Accept & Continue
  3. Select Log in
  4. Enter your email address (the one used in MyAccount)
  5. Select the SET/RE-SET PASSWORD
  6.  Follow the link in the email to set your password, then return to the app to enter your Email Address or Home telephone number and Password.
  7. Select Log in. If you are having trouble logging in tap the eye symbol to show your password and check that there are no errors

You may need to periodically update your password (a prompt appears on screen). Until you update the password, you can only receive calls. Failure to update the password within the allotted time results in you being locked out of your account.


You’ll first need to set up an app log-in password.

You can follow these steps:

  1. Select the set/reset password link in the app log-in screen.
  2. Enter your My Account details – e.g. or  full home telephone number to verify it’s you
  3. An email will be sent to you that will contain a link
  4. This link will open a page in your browser, allowing you to create a password. You can use your newly created password to log into the app on 5 different mobile devices

After entering home number or email address and password tap Log in. If you 're having trouble logging in select the eye symbol to show your password and check that there are no errors.

The App can be installed on up to 5 mobile phones by signing in with the landline number and password that has been created on the initial sign in.


Making a call

Tap on the Phone tab to make a call or view your Call History., and listen to voicemail. Any contacts stored on your mobile phone will be available within the app (see Settings on how to enable this) . To make a call, tap on a contact and select the number to call or tap on the Dialler icon and enter the number.  If the person you are calling has caller ID, they will see your TalkTalk phone number. 


Receiving calls

When someone calls your TalkTalk home number, The TalkTalk Digital Voice App will ring and offer the choice to accept or reject the call. The call will ring for 30 seconds before being either sent to voicemail (if TalkTalk Voicemail is enabled) or ringing off.

Depending on the other services you have from TalkTalk you may also see the incoming call on your fixed line phone, as well as on other mobile devices where you have installed the app. You can answer the call on whichever device is most convenient for you. 


It is not possible to transfer the call to another app.


During a call

While a call is in progress you can use the call window to: 

  • Mute your microphone
  • Access the Keypad
  • Turn on the Speaker
  • Put the call on Hold
  • You may receive another call while you are already on a call (You can end the existing call and answer new call or just ignore it)



Tap the Star icon on a contact’s directory entry to add the contact to Favourites. Favourite contacts appear in a banner at the top of the Contacts tab. 


Call notification

On Android devices, when you minimize the call window, the notification banner at the top of the screen shows the active call. 

On iOS devices, the call notification banner displays at the bottom of the Phone tab. 


All calls will be charged at the same rates as on the TalkTalk service on your TalkTalk account. Call plans and any Calling Boosts will be treated the same as on your home phone . Calls made and received with the app will use data on your mobile, so mobile data rates will apply if used on a mobile network, but Wi-Fi can also be used.

TalkTalk voice services such as voicemail and Callsafe will work in the same way on the app as on your home phone connected to TalkTalk Digital Voice.


Call Barring

We offer 3 different bars that are simple to add or remove:


  • International Bar - this blocks calls to international numbers from your landline (charges apply)
  • Premium Rate Bar - this blocks calls to premium rate numbers from your landline
  • Mobile Bar - this blocks calls to mobiles from your landline

To add or remove these bars please go to MyAccount.

 Tap on the cog in the top-right to see the Profile & Settings page. Here, you can see your home phone number and access settings around Calling Options, Contacts, Account, and Analytics settings. You can also configure your profile, set your notification preferences, and report a problem on the Profile & Settings page.


Calling Options


This screen allows you to select your ringtone, and whether you want to allow the app to make calls over mobile data (which may be charged for by your mobile provider depending on your mobile contract).

You can also turn on call identification and select whether calls are added to your device’s general call history.

‘Advanced Options’ gives you the option to default how the app makes all outgoing calls.



These options allow you to select whether the app displays all your contacts or only those with phone numbers.

The second option allows you to select where the app takes your contacts from.

On iOS the options are ‘Local’ which is your smartphone device; ‘Network’ which is only the ones you have saved as favourites or added to the app directly; or ‘All’ which is both groups.

On Android you will be given options depending on what services you have linked to your devices such as your Google account or a Microsoft account.


Account Settings

These allow you to change the email address that you have set for notifications such as password resets, and to change your password if required.



These options allow you to approve or deny the app from taking analytical data on your usage of the app and the call quality you experience.


Having trouble with the app?  Try the following to help fix any issues:

  1. Make sure the device you're using the app on is connected to the Internet either through Wi-Fi or a data connection
  2. Close the app and reopen it
  3. Next try  uninstalling the app and reinstalling it to make sure you have the latest version

If using an Android device, you'll need to confirm optimisation settings (no optimisation).



Not able to make or receive calls?

If you're unable to make or receive calls, please check the following to see if you can resolve the issue:

  1. Check you have a data connection or connected to Wi-Fi 
  2. Turn your mobile off and on again and try to make a call

The Digital Voice Smartphone App is designed to work within the UK, but can also work outside the UK 

If your smartphone has mobile data from a local mobile network that you have roamed to, or you are connected to a local WiFi service, then the app will attempt to register and function as normal.


Please be aware that


  • Some mobile and WiFi networks outside of the UK block VoIP calls. TalkTalk are not able to change this and will not be able to help resolve this
  • Using the app on Mobile Data on a network you have roamed to will consume any caps or allowances you may have. If you run out of Mobile Data allowance the app will no longer work
  • Any calls you make from the app are treated as if you are making a call from the UK – you will not need to put +44 before a number to dial a UK number, but you will need to put an international code before dialing a non-UK number. A call to a number in e.g. Spain will be treated as an international call from the UK to Spain

TalkTalk is committed to our customer’s safety and to offer the clearest possible advice.

If you need to call the Emergency Services (either 999 or 112 in the UK) then TalkTalk recommend you use either:

  • Your mobile phone using your mobile phone’s calling app
  • Your home phone that is connected to your TalkTalk WiFi hub.

This is because one of the most important things that the Emergency Services need to know is your location. Both methods give the Emergency Services information about your location that they can use to get help to you quickly.

The TalkTalk Digital Voice App cannot be used to dial the emergency services, even if you are in your own home at the time, as it does not pass on location information.

If you dial 999 or 112 from the TalkTalk digital voice app the following will happen:

  1. The app will not dial those numbers but will instead pass the call to the mobile phone’s calling app. You will need to press the ‘dial’ button again to initiate the call.
  2. The mobile phone and your mobile network provider will take over the call. It will not show as a call in the TalkTalk app and the app (and TalkTalk) plays no further part in the call.
  3. Your mobile network provider will not charge you for the call and you do not need to have calling credit to make the call.
  4. You MUST have mobile signal coverage (or connection to your mobile provider via WiFi calling) in order for the call to be made. You may also see your phone screen with the message ‘Emergency Calls Only’, which will also allow you to dial 999 or 112.

If you are in a location with poor mobile coverage, we would strongly recommend you maintain a wired home phone connected to your TalkTalk WiFi hub so that you can make an emergency call if required.



minimum mobile Requirements

A TalkTalk Full Fibre package with Digital Voice – this will be associated with a landline number.

  • Android phones and tablets using version 6.0 or later (not Android Go Edition)
  • iOS devices running iOS 13.0 or later

(Tablet/iPad devices must have a registered UK mobile SIM card)

Our guide is available to download in these formats