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TalkTalk Mobile message centre number

The Message Centre Number is responsible for the delivery of an SMS (text) message sent from a Mobile Service. If this number is not set correctly then the SMS will not be delivered to its destination. The Message Centre Number does not affect you receiving an SMS. 

Text messaging should be ready to go on a Mobile service as soon as the phone is set-up. However, should you not be able to SEND an SMS but you can use all other services you may want to check that the Message Centre number is stored correctly.

Each Mobile Network holds it's own Message Centre, TalkTalk's is as below:

TalkTalk Mobile Message Centre Number  +447785011324

Where the number is stored is dependent on the model of phone the customer is using. It's usually stored within your Message Settings menu. 

Please follow these simple steps below to check and update your Message Centre Number on an iPhone:

  1. From the home screen, tap> Phone If you don't see the dial pad, tap Keypad
  2. Enter *#5005*7672#, then tap Call
    The current Message Centre Number setting will be shown on the screen and should be +447785011324
  3. Tap Dismiss
    If the Message Centre Number needs changing, enter **5005*7672*+447785011324# then tap Call
  4. The message "Setting succeeded, Service Centre Address, No Address" will appear on screen.
  5. Tap Dismiss
  6. Enter *#5005*7672# then tap Call
    The new Message Centre Number will be shown on the screen
  7. Tap Dismiss

Your text message service should now work as expected.