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Tracking your mobile usage

It’s useful to keep tabs on how many texts you’ve sent, how many minutes you’ve spent on the phone and how much data you’ve used. You can do all this – and see how much of each allowance you’ve got left – through My Account. 

Bear in mind that it can take several days for your mobile data usage to be updated in My Account, especially at the start of each month. Visit All about Mobile Data for some great tips about controlling your mobile data throughout the whole month. It also tells you how to limit your data usage when you’re abroad.
Here’s how to view your usage online:

To view in-bundle usage

  1. Log into My Account
  2. Select Offers & Upgrades from the navigation menu
  3. Select My Package & Add-Ons
  4. Your bundle usage will be displayed on the screen

To view out-of-bundle usage

  1. Log into My Account
  2. Select Bills & Payments in the navigation menu
  3. Select Bill Preferences
  4. Your out-of-bundle usage will be displayed on the screen

We also send you free alerts to help you monitor and control your usage. For full details, see our Mobile usage alerts guide.