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What to do if you can't load websites

If you're having problems loading websites, run a health check on your line to see if there's a problem with your broadband connection. If everything's working properly, follow our tips below to try and fix the problem.


Try a different website

Open your browser and navigate to a different website. If it works, then the original site you were trying to access might be down.


Clear your browser's cache

Your browser temporarily stores images and text from web pages in a storage area called a cache. This is designed to help your computer "remember" web pages so they load faster when you access them.

Sometimes when web pages change your cache can interfere with the pages, making them load more slowly or display incorrectly.


Update your browser

Using older versions of your browser can cause loading issues – especially if you’re watching videos or looking at pages with lots of graphics. Downloading the latest version of your browser – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge – may help. If this doesn't fix the problem, try a different browser altogether. All of the above are available to download for free.


Reboot your router

Try restarting your router. Turn it off at the mains and leave it off for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on.

If you're a Fibre customer you’ll need to leave it off for 20 minutes, along with your Openreach modem if you have one, before turning it back on to completely refresh the connection. 


Temporarily turn off HomeSafe and Kidsafe

Homesafe or Kidsafe may be blocking the websites you're trying to use. They're designed to work with all devices connected to your Wi-Fi, so they could be restricting your browsing on multiple devices. Try temporarily disabling Homesafe and Kidsafe in My Account.


Remember you should switch them back on once you've finished testing to keep your children and devices protected.


Load a non-secure site

If you're having difficulty viewing a secure site (https://), try loading a non-secure site (http://). If you can load non-secure sites without a problem, make sure the clock on your computer is set to the correct time. Secure websites use the time to verify that your computer is secure, so if the time is wrong the site won't allow proper access.