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Wireless Powerline adapter guide

Wireless Powerline adapters extend your wireless network around your home without the need for long cables by using your existing electrical wiring.

Our wireless Powerline kit includes a pair of adapters. One adapter is the Powerline Transmitter which you'll need to connect to your router, and the other is the Powerline Receiver which should be placed where you'd like to extend your wireless coverage.

wireless PLAs 350px.png


Getting set up

Our adapters can be used straight out of the box. Follow the steps below to get started.




This table shows the light status
Light Status Description
Mains power On Power on and ready.
Blinking Adapter is setting up after reset button has been pressed.
Off No power. Make sure the wall socket and the adapter are switched on. 
Wi-Fi On Adapter is connected to Wi-Fi.
Off Wi-Fi not connected.
Powerline On Adapter is connected to another adapter.
Off No other adapter found.
Ethernet Blinking Ethernet cable is connected and data is being sent over the connection.
Off No Ethernet connection detected. Make sure the Ethernet cable is connected to the adapter and your router.


If you're having problems, here's how to fix a problem with your wireless powerline adapters