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Switching to new ISP

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Hi, Our contract with TT is due to end in a few weeks and there are no existing customer renewal offers showing in our account and have tried calling 0345 172 0088 twice but never managed to speak to anyone yet so wondered if I would be safe to start a transfer to a new provider a couple of weeks before the contract ends or is it best to wait until it ends?


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Thanks, will give chat a go.
I thought the 0345 172 0088 number seemed the best option and someone answered my first call then got cut off and waited ages second time but no one picking up.

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Hi fw190 


The normal switching timeframe to another ISP using the Openreach network is 2 weeks so ordering from another ISP 2 weeks before contract end is perfect.


For renewal offers from TalkTalk anytime in the 90 days before the end of an existing TalkTalk fixed low price plan contract just use any of the contact methods and ask for the Loyalty Team.  LiveChat is ideal as you can get a transcript emailed if you select that during the chat.


TalkTalk support options are here: Contact us.  Try LiveChat or Messenger on the MyTalkTalk mobile app (8am to 10pm). Text messages only to the LiveChat agents can be sent to 07403 941724.


Calls to Customer Services on 0345 172 0088 are free from your TalkTalk 'phone (8am to 8pm).


For calls to Customer Service agents from a mobile, call 0203 441 5550. (8am to 8pm) When calling TalkTalk the automated phone service will ask for a mobile number if you'd like to continue your call via text message. You'll get a text and you reply with your question and the support team will answer.


TalkTalk also support the Text Relay Service by simply dialling 18001 followed by 0345 1720088.

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