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Upgrading your broadband

Upgrade to Fibre

Our fast, reliable Fibre broadband can keep up with the things you love to do online. Stream and download on even more devices, all at once, at a great price. If you're thinking of switching, find out how to sign up and get answers to your questions with our Fibre FAQs.


Got a question?

We know you probably have some questions about upgrading to Fibre broadband. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Take a look at our FAQs below for more information about switching to Fibre and what it means for you.

Our packages are completely unlimited, which means there aren't any usage caps, extra charges or speed reductions, even at peak times. You can download and upload as much as you like all day every day, without worrying about your charges going up.


When you sign up for TalkTalk broadband, you'll receive information about how fast your broadband will be. This includes your Estimated Speed Range and your Minimum Guaranteed Line Speed.

  • Your Estimated Speed is what you're likely to experience at busy times of the day, usually between 8am and 10pm, when average speeds are often lower. It's made up of the lower and upper values for your download speed (how fast you receive data on your devices).
  • Your Minimum Guaranteed Line Speed is the speed we promise your line will run above. If you think your broadband is slower than this speed, let us know so we can investigate the problem. If we can't fix it within 30 days you can cancel your contract without penalty.


When you sign up for Fibre broadband we'll check your current router to see if you need an upgrade. If you do, we'll make sure you receive a new one.


It typically takes 10 working days from the date you placed the order before you go live. It may take a little bit longer if we need Openreach to install a new line at your premises, or your order falls in peak or holiday times. 

If you're upgrading to Fibre from standard broadband, you may lose service for about 15 minutes at some point on your activation date as your service transfers to Fibre.

Normally you won’t need an engineer to switch to Fibre, but if you do, allow up to 3 hours for your appointment whilst the engineer enables your line for Faster Fibre. Your services can go live any time up to midnight on your go live date.


We'll contact you toward the end of your contract to let you know about any offers on your current product. If you choose not to renew your contract or move to another provider, you'll move onto the out-of-contract price for your current package.


It usually takes up to 12 working days from the date you placed your order before you go live. To ensure your home is optimised to get the best possible speeds, we’ll send an expert engineer to install your services which will take around an hour. You may lose service for about 15 minutes at some point on your activation date as your service transfers.

When you order Fibre 150 or 250, we’ll agree an installation date with you and give you a two hour timeslot between 9am and 5pm for your appointment. If your plans change, you can change your appointment date up to two working days prior to the agreed date.


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