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Full Fibre & Digital Voice


Full fibre broadband is being rolled out across the UK.

If you’ve been contacted by TalkTalk and notified that you are going to be upgraded free of charge, then watch the video below to learn everything you need to know about your upgrade.




Full fibre replaces the mix of copper cables and fibre that our existing broadband services use. The new 100% full fibre connection is faster and more reliable, so you get a much better experience when streaming, gaming, working from home, and even more simple activities like checking email or shopping online.

It also futureproofs your home and can also be upgraded to speeds up to 900Mb/s, so it's great if you ever need more speed, or if you come to sell your home.

Most fibre broadband in the UK is only part-fibre, with the rest powered by copper cables. Full fibre replaces that copper cabling, giving you a much better broadband service.

An engineer is required to install the new fibre cable from the street to your home. They will run fibre cabling from our network in the street to your house, either overhead through a pole or underground in a trench. They will need access to your property to attach a new box to the outside of your home.

The expert engineer will take care of everything, usually in just 2-3 hours, and will leave your property just the way it was – except with a better connection, of course.

The date of your appointment will be in the email or SMS you have been sent. You can confirm the appointment time, or reschedule it to a time that better suits your needs.