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getting started

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Our top tips

Our site is packed with helpful answers, blogs, tips and tricks to get the most from your broadband & gadgets.
If you're unsure how to get the best from our community, we hope the below will help.


be Kind

We want to keep our community a helpful and family friendly place with this in mind we ask you treat all members with respect and in the same way as you would like to be treated yourself. Your comments should be free from profanity and generally fit for the entire audience.


Our guidelines



Getting involved in community

Our community uses single sign on (SSO) which means you can access the community, ask questions and post comments using the same email address used to access your My Account. We'll send you a six digit code to your email, enter the code and you're in and ready to post. If you're not already registered for My Account, you can register below:





Our community is packed with thousands of questions which have already been answered by our members and the support team. If you've got a question why not start by searching for an answer using the search box at the top of the page . Here you'll be able to filter upon different types of answers, we've pulled a quick description of each below:


This table shows the differnt types of answers
Filter Description
Forums Questions and comments from our other members about everything from broadband to xylophones 
Articles Our help articles created by the TalkTalk team, packed with guides and tips 
Blogs Updates and information about what's happening in the world of TalkTalk and guest bloggers
Ideas Suggestions from our members  to improve our products, service and websites
Members Our registered users, if you need to find one search for their username and message them


Your first post 

First you'll need to decide what you want to post about and locate the most relevant discussion area for example if you need help with your WiFi you'll get the best answer in either our Broadband or Fibre areas, for help with outlook, maybe try the Email area

  1. Locate the area you want to post in
  2. Select the Start a topic button
  3. Enter a Subject
    Tip: Make your subject clear and concise, as it's the first thing others will see
  4. Enter information about your question in the Body section, be sure to include all necessary information and feel free to add images if they help but no personal information such as your address or phone number as this is a public community. 
  5. Select Post, that's it you're all done. You can sit back and wait for the answers to start flooding in. 

At any time you can find your questions and comments from the activity tab within your personal profile alternatively when you're viewing any of the discussion topics you'll find a blue tab in the bottom right of the screen, from here you can access all your topics.


The community is a peer to peer support platform which means it’s about helping others and where like minded customers come together to share experiences, thoughts and ideas. When posting your question you should initially expect answers from other members but don’t worry if you’re still unable to find the right answer one of our Stars will flag your question to the Support Team to take a look.


Where to Start

From the Community menu, you’ve got everything at your finger tips from our curated help articles to our dedicated product discussion areas, take your time to navigate around the site getting used to the different areas, here’s some of our best bits


Help with your service

You’ll find a area for each of our products and depending on the type of question you have you’ll want to post it in the most relevant place for example a question about your bill should go in Billing or a question about slow speeds could go in either Fibre or Broadband.


The Lounge

Want to share your hobbies or get some tips using that new DSLR, well this is the place for you to just hang loose, chill and chat to our other members about whatever you want.


If you need help with your service or account it’s a good idea to keep your community profile up to date with the following information, this is only visible to the TalkTalk support team and helps us locate your account:

  • Name
  • Home phone number
  • Alternative contact number
  • Email address

Tip - The Private Notes section on your profile is also just between us, if you want to provide any additional information about your question or account you can leave it in the private notes section. 

In addition to the above don’t forget to add an avatar and signature to your profile to help others get to know you a little better.



Who's who?

To help you find your way around we have lots of really knowledgeable members within our community,
they are wise and helpful, keep your eyes peeled and you may spot one


Community Manager

Lorraine & Stephen are here to ensure the community keeps ticking over each day whilst delivering improvements and great content to make it easier to use.

Find out more


Our Stars

Our Stars are customers just like you who give up their own time to offer help and support to members. Every year we review all of our members contributions in the community with a view to inviting new members to join this group.


Support Team

The team is here to help you find your way around the community and provide the best service possible, their usernames are suffixed with "TalkTalk" to help you identify them.


Meet them

Content Team

Our content team create all our hits, tips and support articles within the community. If you've got any feedback about an article be sure to let them know.  


  • Be kind & respectful to all members
  • Use search to find your answer
  • Use the Like button
  • Read our guidelines


  • Use offensive language
  • Post any personal information
  • Spam other members topics

Best Answers

You'll find Best Answers throughout the community, these show a question has been answered by our community.



This is how we share the love… Receiving a like from another member of the community is the best feedback, so don’t hold back, give credit where credit is due