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Taking steps to keep your network family-friendly gives everyone the freedom to do their own thing.

Your network your rules

If you want to keep anything age-inappropriate off your kids’ devices, content filtering is an effective way to get peace of mind.

Our HomeSafe and SuperSafe Online Security work together to block adult content like dating, gambling or social media, whether your kids are at home or out on the go.

Simply enable KidSafe in your HomeSafe settings in MyAccount or choose the Family rules feature in  SuperSafe's Online Defence App to customise for specific devices.



Think your kids could use  hand-balancing learning and playtime? By setting limits on social media and gaming sites, or scheduling regular internet breaks, you can let them know when it's time to focus.

Ditch the distractions using HomeSafe's Homework Time feature or check out Family Rules in SuperSafe.




get the best from the web

Our partners, Internet Matters, are here to help your kids stay safe online. They have a huge range
of resources covering all kinds of issues including gaming, online activism, and social media.



stay connected on your terms

Apple and Android’s built-in well-being features let you set your own pace. You can keep
an eye on your social media usage and set screen-time limits. Simply search
Apple Screen Time’ or ‘Android Digital Wellbeing’ to learn more.



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