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Renewal disaster (2000261582)

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Dear all 

I have been a Talk Talk customer for almost 20 years with only a few issues until now.


My contract for Full Fiber 500 is coming to and end next week so i just wanted to renew for another couple of years.


so on 25/07/23 in response to an email i started the process, no change of service just renew for another couple of years .......simple..... or so you would think.


since the 25/07 so far :-


1) the renewal has been rejected 3 times and nobody can tell me why

2) equipment promised has not been sent (i added TV and another eero was being sent as a goodwill gesture)

3) The account still not renewed it is now "stuck" in the system

4) I have spent at least 20 hours on the online chat trying to resolve this, with no success.

5) because of the way the online chat is fragmented no one person can deal with a complex problem which mean i spent 4 hours on once chat alone and spoke with 7 different people, and the issue still wasn't resolved.

6) four formal complaints raised 3 closed without resolution one still outstanding (487782) .

7) Nobody ever calls you back

8)you spend hours going round in circles on the online chat and bouncing from person to person.

9) seems impossible to actually escalate the problem and actually speak with somebody that has the systems ability and authority to look at the matter and resolve the matter.

10) the complaints team were suppose to be monitoring this and assured me it would be resolved, it isn't and they didn't call me to tell me it had rejected again, there seems little point in involving them.

11) you cant speak to anybody in authority.

12) you get conflicting and incorrect information from some of the chat operatives as they only have access to parts of the system which is frustrating.



somebody at Talk Talk with the correct technical ability and system rights needs to take ownership of the problem, look at it in the round and then get relevant parts of Talk Talk to resolve the matter, thus far this has not happened.


as i have stated above i have spent at least 20 hours in chat trying to resolve this, my account still says it will expire next week, nobody seems able to fix it.


i am totally fed up of Talk Talk and after 20 years it looks like my only option is to leave and go elsewhere. While i appreciate that in most situations your help and chat systems are able to deal with issues, on occasion there need to be a way to break the circular nature of how a problem is dealt with, there should be a robust way of breaking out of and get someone to own the issue.


as stated earlier the matter in not resolved since 25/07 and nobody seems to actually know what the problem is.


i am afraid i am totally fed up with this groundhog situation and he sheer amount that has been wasted on this.


it is with regret after such a long time of being with talk talk i am considering leaving as a way to break the cycle of the last few weeks, on this occasion i am afraid your customer service has been appalling and ineffective.


it feels like nobody at talk talk even cares.






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@platipud, your original post is in the queue for attention from staff. I escalated it for attention yesterday. 


They will reply during the week:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.