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Hey, I'm Michelle and I wanted to tell you about our community and how it's packed full of useful information, answers and has a horde of active members waiting to help or just to say hey! We know forums can be a little daunting at times, so here are some of my useful tips to help you get the most out of the community:

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Our Community Star Program

We’re super excited to tell you about our Community Star Program, to recognise and reward the members who have contributed the most to our amazing community. The program will renew every 6 months at which point members will be eligible to apply to join and where existing members will need to re-qualify to maintain membership.

Our selection process will be made up of 2 parts. Firstly anyone wanting to be a Community Star will need to apply or get a nomination from a fellow member, the 2nd part will be based on your contribution in the community over the past 6 months.

Meet the Community Stars

Take a moment to checkout and get to know who the Star's are within the community.

  • Time online
  • Best answers
  • Likes
  • 4640 h
  • 67
  • 766
  • Time online
  • Best answers
  • Likes
  • 6649 h
  • 1396
  • 3834
  • Time online
  • Best answers
  • Likes
  • 7544 h
  • 466
  • 3234
  • Time online
  • Best answers
  • Likes
  • 2798 h
  • 82
  • 520
  • Time online
  • Best answers
  • Likes
  • 954 h
  • 38
  • 291
  • Time online
  • Best answers
  • Likes
  • 3368 h
  • 176
  • 1813
  • Time online
  • Best answers
  • Likes
  • 109 h
  • 1
  • 20
  • Time online
  • Best answers
  • Likes
  • 2062 h
  • 315
  • 5270

Selection Process

To be eligible for consideration to become a community star, you need to meet all of the following criteria:

  • Receive a nomination or apply to be a Star
  • Registered on the community for at least 1 month
  • Over the age of 18
  • Be an active member who respects the guidelines and all members of the community

Twice a year we’ll identify all members who meet this criteria and review their community contribution. We’ll look at things like post count, volume of Best Answers, Likes and other elements that help us identify the members who’ve shone the brightest, added the most value to our community and were the most active will be invited to become a Star.

We also reserve the right to remove Star status from any user who breaches the community terms of use or the star's guidelines.

Rewards & Benefits

As well as getting a lifetime spot in our Hall of Fame and the coveted star's badge for your profile you’ll also get exclusive access to the Star's Lounge where you can be one of the first to learn about new products, connect with fellow stars and help shape new features in the community. You’ll also have direct access to Stephen, your community manager and the TalkTalk team, other benefits will be available but will vary depending on availability:
  • Access to a private lounge, to connect with TalkTalk and other stars
  • Priority access to our community team based in the UK, should you need any support with your TalkTalk service
  • New rank & badge to parade in the community, enhanced permissions as well as priority access to new features in the community
  • Invitation to take part in external events, blogs & articles
  • Opportunity to be the first to take part in trials and beta tests ran by TalkTalk Labs
  • Invitation to an "All Hands" event, where you'll get to meet the community team, other stars face to face and learn about what the future holds for TalkTalk