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Your feedback

Hey Everyone, Now the new community has been live for a while, the main issues fixed we're now focusing on the smaller outstanding items and continues improvement of the site and how we use it. With that in mind ive moved this board to the lounge are...

StephenF by Community Manager
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A big thanks from us A chance to treat yourself

I received an email from TalkTalk and it seems that this is the genuine email address but I do not know whether this is a genuine Talktalk email. I forwarded it to the phishing team who normally send an acknowledgement but nothing came back. Anyone ...

Cranesbill by Conversation Starter
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When are TalkTalk going to allow Dislikes?

Sorry - well actually no I'm not sorry - but any "forum" which allows only "likes" presents an inaccurate and misleading representation of what members feel about particular posts. To get a much more representative overview, there must be an option t...

Notification Feed

If one has multiple notifications in their Notification Feed then clicking on any one of them marks all of them as read. It would be better if only marked the notification you clicked on as read, rather than all of them. This occurs with following op...

Ordering of replies

Is it me, or is the order of replies to topics the wrong way round? So if there's a topic on Tuesday, there's a reply on Wednesday, then another on Thursday, the order is Tuesday -> Thursday -> Wednesday (i.e. you have to read replies from the bottom...

demulv by Team Player
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Cannot log into my account

Have logged into my account many times over the years. However recently I am getting the message that the email or password are not correct!. Try to get my email address confirmed but then tell me the details are not recognised and to register. Try t...

WilliamG by Team Player
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New look layout. Total failure in my eyes

Menu's dont fit correctly. O jeez 5 mins and counting on how to login to community Is it my normal account or the the community account. Not sure. Sorry guys it's a mess. Nice eye candy when you get used to it, but i spent a good 10 mins finding how ...

paulshent by Community Star
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Menus Don't Work Properly

With a Zoom of 100% the "New Site Feedback" Option is not visable in the "COMMUNITY" dropdown and it is not possible to scroll down to it, so in effect it does not exist. However it becomes visable if one reduces the Zoom to 80% or alternatively if o...

Birchcroft_0-1624571075886.png Birchcroft_1-1624571438231.png

Resolved! My Account / Mail / Login links all messed up

PCWindows 10 21H1Firefox 89.0.1My Account / Mail / Login links all messed upAs you can see from the attached pictures when I first open the page its very hard to see any of the links to My Account / Mail / Login all messed up. But when I scroll down ...

Bug 1.jpg Bug 2.jpg
Nexster by Super Duper Contributor
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