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TalkTalk Mail

How to access your TalkTalk Mail


We recently contacted you regarding changing how you access your emails, this could be using either of the following:

  • email software on your computer or laptop
  • email apps on your mobile or tablet devices

We will be implementing these changes at the end of October, from this date, if you have not made these changes then it is likely you will only be able to access your emails via  TalkTalk Webmail


These changes are necessary to improve the security of your email service, across all the devices you use to access email. Unfortunately, we're unable to remotely update the software/apps you use to access your emails, so we need your help making  the necessary changes on each device.

However, don’t worry if you can't make the changes by the end of October, you'll not lose access to your emails, as you will still be able to read, send and receive them via TalkTalk Webmail – for more information using TalkTalk Webmail see  Using TalkTalk Webmail 


You can access TalkTalk Webmail on any device that has an internet connection Just simply use an internet browser such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari and go to  and then enter your TT email address and password to login  and view, send and receive your emails. We recommend you set up a bookmark or favourite for the TalkTalk Webmail login page, so it’s simpler for you to return to this next time.


If we have contacted you and you want to continue using your current email software or app after this time, this guide will help you  Email settings.

This link provides detailed information on how to update the mail settings for :

  • email software (for computers/laptops for Windows or Mac) or
  • email apps (for tablets/mobiles such as iOS or Android).
  • If your device is not listed, then visit our Community pages for more information via Email - TalkTalk Help & Support.


Before changing your settings, we recommend that you back up your email data files on your device. For more information on how to do this check with your software/app provider instructions. Our recommendation is to use IMAP rather than POP3 settings, as this will ensure a copy of your emails is retained on our Mail server, as well as on your local device.




Email settings

Using a mail app for emails? you'll need these settings.


USING webmail


Please note - your email software/app (examples - Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird) must be able to support email encryption protocols such as SSL, TLS & STARTTLS. If you're using old email software or a version of the app or software that does not support this, you can either continue to access your email via either upgrading your email client, to a modern supported version or using