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About Caller Display

Caller Display lets you see who's calling before you pick up the phone. The caller's number will appear on your phone's display screen, so you can choose to pick it up or let it go to your answering service.

You can also use Caller Display to avoid nuisance or cold calls. If your phone doesn't have a display screen, it can't be used with this feature.


  1. Log in to My Account
  2. Select Networks & Connections from the navigation menu
  3. Select My Telephone Settings
  4. Select Manage home phone Boosts from the dropdown menu
  5. Tick Caller Display in the Privacy features section
  6. Select Update


Here are some reasons Caller Display might not work:


Withheld numbers - if the caller has withheld their number it won't appear in your display. Try calling from a number you know isn’t withheld to see if this remedies the problem. 


Faulty display screens - try using a different phone with a display screen. If Caller Display works on this phone then it’s likely there’s a problem with the first one.


Interference - sometimes faulty equipment or devices can interfere with Caller Display.

Try the following:

      1. Disconnect all your devices leaving just your phone attached.
      2. Test to see if Caller Display works.
      3. Now reconnect each device one by one, testing Caller Display each time.

If reconnecting a device stops Caller Display from working, that's the one that’s causing the interference. Try not to use it while you use Caller Display.



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