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How much do calling features cost?

You can add a range of calling features to get more out of your phone in My Account remember you'll need a touch-tone phone to make use of many of these services. 


Block callers from reaching you who withhold their phone number, this is charged at £3 per month.


Divert calls to another landline or mobile, so you don’t have to wait at home for an important call, this is charged at £3 per month.


See who's calling before you answer. If they're in your phonebook you'll even see their name, this feature is free of charge.


Every time you get a call, CallSafe checks to make sure it's someone you want to hear from, this feature is free of charge.


Block incoming calls from your last caller without having to know their number. You can block up to 100 numbers, this feature is free of charge.



Discover who called you last by dialling 1471 and even call them by pressing 3 to return the call. This service is charged at 20p per call plus your usual call charges. If you want to delete the last number called, dial 1475.


Standard Voicemail

If you don’t answer or you’re on a call, Standard Voicemail will play callers a standard greeting and let them leave a message. You'll be charged 2p each time you dial 1571. Standard voicemail isn't available to add to My Account however if you already have it then you can continue to use it.


Voicemail Plus

Record your own personal greeting for your callers, save up to 30 messages and even check messages from other phones, this will be charged at £1 per month. As a Voicemail Plus customer, there will be no additional charges when dialling 1571, unlike Standard Voicemail. 


We can hide your number if you want to stay anonymous, this service is free of charge.