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About CallSafe

Wouldn't it be nice to pick up your home phone, always knowing it's a call you really want? No nuisance callers, no sales pitches, no scammers. We're helping you get just that. All you have to do is switch on your FREE CallSafe. 

To switch CallSafe on, simply dial 1 4 7 2 from your TalkTalk landline, then press 1. Want to know how to manage Callsafe? see How to use CallSafe


Use Last Caller Barring? - If you use Last Caller Barring it will be turned off as CallSafe has the ability to block unwanted calls.



How CallSafe works

Every time you get a call, CallSafe checks to make sure it's someone you want to hear from. The caller is then either:

  • Approved and put straight through to you.
  • Blocked so that your phone doesn't ring.
  • Screened to confirm who they are.

Numbers that you've dialled more than once in the last 35 days will automatically be Approved, and any numbers you've barred using Last Caller Barring will be blocked.

When a call is screened, the caller is asked to record their name. CallSafe will then play it back to you and you choose how to handle the call. Unwanted callers usually hang up at this stage because they don't want to leave their details.

CallSafe flowCallSafe flow  

All incoming calling features work well with CallSafe, except:

  • Reminder call - If you want to use reminder call with CallSafe, please get in touch
  • Call Divert to another CallSafe user - screened calls will not be passed through 
  • Last Caller Barring block the last number to call you


No. If you switch CallSafe off, all the numbers saved on your Blocked and Approved Lists will be lost immediately.

Please make a note of your Blocked and Approved numbers before you switch CallSafe off


As many numbers as you like - there's no limit. 


Not at the moment, but we're working on it. 


You can block or approve withheld numbers in two ways:

  • By pressing 1, to block a number or 3, to approve when a withheld number calls you
  • By dialling 1472 after a withheld number calls you, then following the instructions to block or approve it

We will not display the telephone number for withheld callers in your blocked/approved lists. Instead, they will be listed as withheld.

Adding a withheld number to your blocked or approved list will not apply to all withheld callers, just the person who called you.


If there are any important callers who withhold their number, such as your doctor, we recommend that you ask for their telephone number and add them to your approved list. 


It's a database of important callers that you don't want to miss, such as:

  • Automated HMRC authentication calls
  • Automated hospital appointment calls
  • Automated banking calls
  • TalkTalk numbers

When somebody on the global approved list calls you, CallSafe will put them straight through to you. 


  • CallSafe is only available to TalkTalk customers
  • It will work with all push-button landline telephones, provided that any call-blocking products are switched off, such as True Caller or BT Guardian
  • There are some handset answering machines and personalised greetings that CallSafe is not compatible with. We recommend you use TalkTalk voicemail
  • CallSafe is not compatible with text phones or fax machines.
  • You should add automated callers, such as security or care alarm providers, to your Approved List


Can I keep CallSafe if I move home?

Yes. You can carry CallSafe over to your new address by selecting CallSafe on your home move order. 


 Want to know more about Callsafe? see How to use CallSafe