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About your bill

View your latest bill, make a payment and take a look at your itemised usage

View your latest bill, make a payment and take a look at your itemised usage on the Bills and Payments page in My Account. If you want your bills to be in a different format, such as large print, Braille or audio, we can arrange this for you. Check out alternative billing formats for more information.





Want to change your payment date? You can change your payment date in My Account. Check out change your payment date for more information.


Paper bills are available to all of our customers. These are charged at £2.75 a month unless you receive your bills in large print, Braille or audio format.

The Your bill summary section on your bill includes your package, line rental and any boosts and extras as well as any Fibre charges. The total due section at the bottom of your bill shows your total monthly recurring charge.

Your package charges are billed for the month to come, so you'll receive your first bill a few days after your service goes live. We'll then start sending your bill on a monthly basis.

Your bill will be available in My Account each month. If you’re signed up for online billing, we’ll also send you an email, known as an eBill notification, to let you know when your bill is ready. to view. We’ll only send a paper bill if you have requested this. Paper bills are charged at £2.75 per month, and you can enable this option in My Account.

We can provide your bills and contracts in other formats such as large print, Braille, audio or coloured paper upon request. You can request these online in My Account or by contacting us with your account details and desired format.

  1. Log into My Account
  2. Select Profile & Settings in the navigation menu
  3. Select My Details & Password
  4. Under My preferences, select Accessibility preferences
  5. Select any accessibility needs that apply to you and your preferred billing format
  6. Select Save

Your new preferences will take effect from your next billing period.

If you've not received a bill this month or you can't access a previous bill then it may have been suppressed. This happens when there an issue with a bill or it is being disputed or reviewed. This can happen for various reasons, such as a bill being in collections, or if you've notified us of a charge on your bill that shouldn't be there. You won't be able to view or download a suppressed bill in My Account until the issue has been resolved.

Whether you're disputing a bill or there's an issue we've raised with it, we'll get in touch to let you know what's happening. If you still need to discuss your TalkTalk bill, please contact us.

View your latest and previous bills within the Bills tab of your TalkTalk PLUS app, the quickest way to manage your account & pay your bill. Make sure you've enabled push notifications and we'll keep you up to date and notify you each month when your bill is ready to view.



App shortcut

Select the link below to access your bills in the PLUS app.

View your bills  in the TalkTalk PLUS app. If you want to keep a copy of your bills, it's really easy to download them as a PDF for your records.



Viewing Bills

  1. Log into your PLUS app
  2. Select the Bills tab from the navigation bar
  3. Select the Latest Bill or Previous Bills options to view your current or past bills


Saving a pdf of your bill

  1. Log into your PLUS app
  2. Select the Bills tab from the navigation bar
  3. Select the correct bill
  4. Select the Request PDF Bill button to download a PDF copy of the bill you're currently viewing

Once requested, you're PDF will be generated within a few minutes, head over to your apps message centre to view, if you have push notifications enabled, we'll let you know when it's ready to view. 


View a detailed breakdown of your bill, you'll see the following sections: 

  • Your Previous bill and your balance carried forward (if any)
  • Account charges, such as missed engineer appointments
  • One off charges, such as your setup fee if we had to install a new line at your property
  • Adjustments for any credits or refunds we've raised on your behalf
  • New charges for any package changes from the previous month 
  • Total due on your chosen bill.


You need an active Direct Debit to pay your bill as this is the only accepted payment method. Your payments will be automatically taken from your account each month.


View & Edit your direct debit

  1. log into your PLUS app
  2. Select the More tab
  3. Select Payment details

From here you can view your most recent direct debit and if needed setup a new one with a different bank account. Your payment will be taken on or around your payment due date which can be found on your bill. Please note that there will be a charge if the payment is refused by your bank. 


You should request a refund via your PLUS app however you're only able to request a refund when you've made an overpayment, paid for something you shouldn't have been charged for or after leaving us, your final bill is in credit. 

  1. Log onto your PLUS app
  2. Select the Bills tab
  3. Select Request a refund
  4. Be sure to review the eligibility criteria within the app
  5. Select Submit request

Once submitted a member of our team will review the request within 72 working hours and update you on the outcome. if successful your refund will be in your bank account within 7 working days. 


We won't refund you in the following circumstances:

  • Your account isn't in credit
  • The credit on your account isn't from an overpayment
  • If your bill is due in the next 4 days
  • If your services haven't gone live yet

Refund Less Than Expected?

If the amount refunded is less than the amount requested this is usually because charges have been applied to your account between the time the refund was requested and it being processed. 


You can dispute a charge from within your PLUs app by chatting to our support team.


It's important to keep up to date with your bill payments to avoid any restrictions to your service. We've made it easy to see when your next payment is due:

  1. log into the PLUS app
  2. Select the Bills tab
  3. The due date will be shown on your latest bill.


Avoiding a late payment fee

We'll message, to remind you about your upcoming bill. If we're unable to collect payment via Direct Debit  a charge of £12.50 may be added to your next bill. If we still don't receive payment, we'll be in touch  and your services may be restricted or disconnected. 


We can provide your bills and contracts in other formats such as large print, Braille, audio or coloured paper upon request. You can request these from your PLUS app.

  1. Log into your PLUS app
  2. Select More in the navigation menu at the bottom
  3. Select  Accessibility Settings
  4. Select your preferences
  5. Select communications in an alternative format that apply to you
  6. Select Save changes

Your new preferences will take effect immediately however only your future bills will be sent in your new format.




Struggling to Pay?

We want you to be able to keep your TalkTalk account up to date and make payments. If you're having difficulty keeping on top of your account we'd encourage you to contact us and discuss your options as were here to help. If you're experiencing financial difficulty, you may also benefit from the following agencies who are on hand to support and help guide you;