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Cancel your TalkTalk service

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We're sorry to hear you're thinking of cancelling. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy affordable broadband, TV, mobile and calls without problems or frustration; if we've fallen short of this in any way, please let us know. 

We'd love you to stay, but if you're sure about cancelling you'll need to speak to us. We'll walk you through your options, discuss any charges and explain how you can return your TalkTalk equipment.

Call us now on

0345 172 0046

Lines open 7 days a week between 10am and 6pm


Please don't cancel your recurring payment until your final bill has been paid. This is the easiest way to pay and allows us to get any money back to you quickly if you've overpaid for your services.


Cancelling within your contract term

If you're cancelling before your contract has ended, early termination fees may apply. We'll let you know if this is the case and how much it will be when you speak to us. You can check your contract end date in My Account under My Package.

Cancelling within your first 20 days

If you change your mind and want to cancel within 20 days of your order date, you're free to leave without penalty and you'll only pay for the TalkTalk services that you've used during this time. 

Great Connection Guarantee

If you recently signed up for Fibre broadband, then you're also covered by our Great Connection Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your Fibre connection in the first 30 days of your services going live, you're free to leave us and you'll only pay for the services you've used.

To continue with your TalkTalk TV service, you'll need to have TalkTalk Broadband. If you decide to cancel your broadband, you'll lose your TV service too.

Your mobile service will continue, but because our mobile plans are exclusive offers for TalkTalk customers only, you may have to pay mobile charges if you cancel your other services with us.


If you're switching your services from TalkTalk rather than cancelling your service completely, you can place your new order directly with your new provider who should make us aware of the migration however we’d suggest that you always let us know if your thinking of leaving to ensure your account is correctly closed.

Depending on the terms of your contract, you may have to pay an early termination charge, if cancelling before your contract end date however our loyalty team will be happy to discuss this with you.


When you leave us, we ask that you return your TalkTalk equipment within 42 days or you may be charged. For more information, head over to  returning your TalkTalk equipment

If you're a UFO customer, please unplug your equipment and leave everything as it is. There's no need to remove your HomePort. This means we can quickly reconnect you or a new tenant to UFO in future.


When you sign up for a TalkTalk service you agree to have that service for a minimum contract term. If you decide to cancel your service with us before that minimum term ends, you may have to pay an early termination charge.

This charge varies depending on your TalkTalk service and the number of months you have left on your contract. This table shows the early termination charges for each month remaining on your contract:


Package Charge per month remaining on your contract
Fast Broadband £10.80
Fibre 35 £10.20
Fibre 65 £10.20
Fibre 150 £10.20
Fibre 250 £10.20
Fibre 150 Data Only £10.20
Fibre 500 Data Only £10.20
Ultra Fibre Optic £19.20
Faster Fibre* £10.20

*We no longer sell these plans


Commitment Breakage Fee

What is this charge?

We charge a commitment breakage fee if you sign up for a boost, but then cancel it before the end of your minimum commitment period.

How do I see my commitment end date?

Most of our boosts come with a one month commitment period, so check your bills or emails to find out when your specific boost began.


If you decide you no longer want TalkTalk Mail Plus you can choose to cancel it. Once cancelled, you'll be able to access your emails through webmail only, this will be available for two years at which point the account will then be deleted.



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We have a reduced support team available at the moment, which means the wait times to speak to us may be longer than usual. Why not manage your account or get help with your services online using one of the below options