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Your final bill

When you cancel your TalkTalk services we'll let you know what your cancellation notice period is. Your package and Boosts are charged a month in advance, so you may get a bill for the full month ahead during your notice period. Once your service has been disconnected, any package and Boost charges after your disconnection date will be credited on your final bill.


Charges on your final bill

The first bill after your disconnection date is your final bill. It will show:

  • Credit for any package and Boost charges after your disconnection date
  • Calls or TV purchases up to your disconnection date
  • Any early termination charges

In some circumstances, you may receive another bill after your final bill. This would normally be due to:

  • Calls or TV purchases up to your disconnection date*
  • Any admin charges such as Direct Debit rejection or missed payments
  • Charges for any equipment that has not been returned to us
  • Contract breakage fees
  • Charges for TalkTalk Mail Plus

You may also receive a bill to show your final bill has been paid.

*Calls and TV purchases may be charged up to 3 months after the usage date.


Paying your final bill

Your final bill can be paid using your usual payment method. If your account is in credit once your services have been disconnected, you can request a refund when you've received your final bill. If you pay via Direct Debit, please keep this active to make your final payment easier or allow us to refund any credit much quicker.


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