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Charges on your bill

We aim to provide you with a bill that is understandable, clear, and accurate. But we know that a bill can be difficult to navigate sometimes when something unexpected has happened. So, we’ve put together information about our charges, what they mean and how they work. Below you will find the various sections of the bill, just click on the area you need some support with.



 There are various account charges that relate to late or non-payment.


This month's

Here you'll find the package you are on as well as any Boost subscriptions and their price.


Charges since
your last bill

This section will display any part-month or pro-rata charges or credits due to a change you made since you were last billed.


Charges since
you joined

This section will only appear on your first bill and details any pro-rata or part month charges since your services went live.


Call charges and usages

The cost of your calls and inclusive calls will vary depending on your TalkTalk package


one off

This section will only show on your bill when you have a one off charge.


One Off Charges





paying your bill

Setting up a Direct Debit is the most convenient way to pay your monthly bill.





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