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Common questions about your bill

We understand that you may have questions regarding your bill. Below we have a list of our most commonly asked questions to make understanding your bill easier.

If you don’t understand a specific charge item, take a look at  charges on your bill where you'll find a description of what each charge means. If you still need to discuss your TalkTalk bill, please contact us.


Have you removed or added a service within the last 30 days? If not, a promotion on your account may have expired. You can also visit  charges on your bill for an explanation of a particular charge. Here are other examples of why your bill may look higher than expected:

  • There may be increased usage if you've made any chargeable calls. These will be detailed in the bill breakdown section on your bill
  • A promotional offer you accepted when you joined us has finished, usually because your  contract has ended
  • You might have been charged for a late payment 

Please refer to new charges in My Account as this section will detail all the individual charges that make up your bill. If there's a charge you weren't expecting, please contact us and we'll look into it.


Part month or pro rata charges are added to your account when you add a service part way through your billing period. It's a way of billing you from the date the service was added until the start of your usual billing period.

If you have just received your first bill, take a look at first bill explained to understand a bit more about part month charges when you join us.

You may also see part month charges if you add any boosts and extras or change your package. Find out more about this in  about part month charges..


If you add or remove a service your bill may be different to what you were expecting. This is because it will include a part month charge that covers the time from when your service went live up to your next billing date.

For example, if your service went live on the 10th of November, and you were billed on the 16th of November, you would be charged based on a daily rate for this period (10th to the 16th).


Billing for your TalkTalk service will start on the day you're connected. If you've added any boosts to your account, you can expect to see them on your bill after they're active.

When you add a Boost, your next bill will include two charges: A part month charge from when the Boost is active and the end of that month's billing period, and a full month charge to cover the following month's service.

When you remove a Boost, your next bill will include a refund for the period between when the Boost was removed and the end of that billing month. 


If you change any of your TalkTalk services, we’ll make any necessary adjustments on your next bill.

When you add a service (including Boosts) we charge for your new service one month in advance – these will be listed in the charges in advance section.

We will also charge for the period from your new service starting through to the beginning of your next billing period – this will be listed in the Last month's changes section. For more details on part month charges see What is a part-month charge?

If you cancel a service, we will refund your advance month charges from the date the service was removed through to the beginning of your next billing period - this will be listed in the Last month's changes section.

If you cancel a service within a commitment period, or before your contract expires, then we will apply an early termination charge to your account. The commitment or contract breakage fees are listed in the One-off charges section of your bill. To find out more about early termination charges, visit About canceling your TalkTalk service.


We offer accessibility bills such as large print, braille, audio and coloured paper options. We can also provide you with a non-itemised bill. To request any of our alternative billing formats, please contact us or manage your preferences within My Account.


We offer paper and online billing for all accounts. You can choose which you prefer, but we recommend online billing because it's simple and free of charge.

Due to increased operational costs, our paper bills are chargeable. However you can save money and reduce environmental impact by switching to paperless billing. Simply sign up for My Account to view and download your bills online and we'll continue to provide free paper bills for customers who require alternative format bills.

If you choose online billing your bills will be stored in My Account for you to view for 12 months. To keep your invoices for longer than this, you can save them to your computer or print them.

Changing the billing method

You can manage how you receive your bills in My Account by following the below steps. You will need to complete the registration process the first time you use this.

  1. Log into My Account.
  2. Select Bills & Payments in the navigation menu
  3. Select Billing preferences from the dropdown menu
  4. Choose your preferred method and select Confirm
  5. Select Confirm on the confirmation screen

If you select paper billing we will post your bill to you each month. If you select online billing you will receive an email to tell you when your bill is ready to view online.


If you switch to online billing your payment term will change from 14 days to approximately 7 days. This will result in a change to your payment due date to at the very least 3 clear working days from the receipt of your e-bill notification. If you are a Tiscali customer, your payment date will remain the same if you change to online billing.

To help protect you from running up excessively high monthly bills we apply a usage limit to your account. You can view your usage limit in My Account by following the below steps.

  1. Log into My Account.
  2. Select Bills and Payments from the navigation menu.
  3. Select Billing preferences from the next menu.
  4. Select View your itemised usage. Your usage limit will be displayed towards the top of the next screen.

You can track your usage at any time in My Account.


tt_icon-pdf The usage limit should not be used as a usage cap. There's a delay in usage information being added to your bill and you may incur charges by exceeding your usage limit. If this happens, you will be barred and still be liable to pay for all charges incurred in excess of your usage limit. To increase your usage limit please see How to change your monthly allowance.

If you decide to leave TalkTalk you will receive at least one bill after your service is cancelled. These bills will contain any usage charges (e.g. calls you have made up to the date your service was cancelled) and refunds for services you pay in advance (e.g. line rental). For more information, please see your final bill..

Once your final payment has been made, we will send you an invoice showing that there is no money owing on your account. To view your final bill, simply log into My Account.


If we've been unable to collect your direct debit payment, or a one-off payment has not been made by the date that your bill is due, then we'll apply a £12.50 administration fee to your account. We'll try to contact you to request a payment, but please be aware that your services may be restricted until a payment is made.

If this has happened to you, when you attempt to make a call you will hear this message:


"You have been automatically diverted to TalkTalk in connection with this account. To make a payment or to check your balance via our automated service press 1, or press 2 to speak to one of our advisors"


It's really easy to get your services up and running again, you can automatically lift your bar by paying the outstanding amount on your bill via My Account.

Please note that once you've paid your bill, it can take up to 24 hours for the bar on your account to be removed.

If your account remains unpaid, we may disconnect your service and pass your account to a Debt Collection Agency to recover any outstanding money on our behalf.


If you need a VAT invoice you'll need to contact us and we will arrange for VAT invoices to be sent out in future. We are unable to send out a VAT invoice for a bill that has already been produced.


If you've not received a bill this month or you can't access a previous bill then it may have been suppressed. This happens when there an issue with a bill or it is being disputed or reviewed. This can happen for various reasons, such as a bill being in collections, or if you've notified us of a charge on your bill that shouldn't be there. You won't be able to view or download a suppressed bill in My Account until the issue has been resolved. 

Whether you're disputing a bill or there's an issue we've raised with it, we'll get in touch to let you know what's happening. If you still need to discuss your TalkTalk bill, please contact us.