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Change your account details

If you've recently changed your name or you want to change the owner of your TalkTalk account, you'll need to get in touch so that we can send you a request form to complete. More information about what's required below.

To change the owner of your account, both the current account holder and the new account holder will need to complete a Change of Ownership form. The new account holder will also need to complete a new Direct Debit mandate, one will be provided with the change of ownership form which you can obtain by contacting us. Send both completed forms to: 

PO BOX 675
M5 0NL


If you've legally changed your name, you'll need to request a change of name form. Please note that the change of name form is only to change the name of the existing account holder. If you've noticed a mistake in the name on your account, e.g. a spelling error, please contact us and we'll amend this for you.

We require you to send us ID with the form. Including a proof of name change. Other acceptable Proof of ID includes:

  • Statutory Declaration - Change of Name
  • 2 Bank statements for the same account, showing the change of name
  • 2 Council Tax statements for the same account, showing the change in name
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Decree Absolute
  • Deed Poll Confirmation

Please only send copies of your original documents because these will not be returned. 



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