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Faulty mobile

Believe it or not, you can fix most faults with your phone or tablet yourself. Before contacting us, try these simple troubleshooting tips:

  1. Reboot your phone: Simply turning your phone off and back on again can often put things right. It’s always worth trying first
  2. Coverage check: If you normally have good reception in your area, your problem could be caused by a temporary fault on our network. You can check for any outages or issues in your area with our coverage checker. You could also ask other TalkTalk Mobile users to see if they’re having similar problems
  3. Battery check: Make sure your battery is fully charged. If it isn’t, charge it for at least two hours and then try to use your mobile again

If you’re still having problems with your mobile, please contact us and we'll try to work it out over the phone. 


If you think your SIM card may be faulty, follow these simple steps to see if they help:

  1. Remove your SIM card from your phone and clean it with a dry cloth before putting it back in
  2. Register your handset to a different network by doing a manual network search. You’ll get an error message. As soon as you see it, register back to TalkTalk
  3. Try your SIM in a different phone if you can. If this fixes the problem, then the fault is probably in the phone, rather than the SIM

If none of this works, you may need a new SIM. To order one, please contact us.


  1. Reboot your tablet - Some faults can often be resolved by turning your tablet off and back on again. This is always a good thing to try before carrying out further checks
  2. Battery check - Make sure your battery shows a full charge. If not, charge for at least two hours and then try to use your tablet again

If you've followed these troubleshooting steps and are still having issues with your tablet, please contact us and we'll try and resolve your issue over the phone.


If you're unable to make or receive calls and texts on your TalkTalk Mobile, please check the following to see if you can resolve the issue:

  1. Turn your mobile off and on again and try to make a call or send a text
  2. Check you're in coverage with our network coverage checker
  3. Check your SIM is inserted correctly
  4. Try using the SIM in another handset to check that the SIM is functioning correctly
  5. If your call keeps automatically transferring to Customer Services, this means you may have exceeded your call limit. Please stay on the line and we will check your account and help to resolve the issue
  6. If you're seeing a flashing envelope on your handset this normally means your SIM card memory is full. Please delete as many messages as you can to clear the memory

If you've had a bar applied or removed you may find some services like data and photo messaging stop working. Please reboot your handset to refresh your connection on the network.

For instructions on how to carry out all these checks on your mobile, please check the user guide that came with your phone.